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Transgenders In Sports: Women Taking A Stand

High School Girls File Federal Discrimination Complaint After Transgender Sprinters Win 1st And 2nd Place At Connecticut Girls Indoor Championships - 6/18/2019

HS Girl Who Lost To Transgender Won't Go Quietly, Files Civil Rights Complaint - 6/20/2019

Here's How Letting Boys Compete As Girls Hurts Female Athletes Like Me - 6/23/2022

Another Women's Sport Sees Trans Athletes Rise To Top, And Competitors Are Speaking Out - 10/1/2022

Female Cyclist Retires Because Of Male Competitors: Women 'No Longer Have A Fair Chance' - 3/23/2023

It's A Fraud, Its Immoral...': Megyn Kelly Blows Up After Biological Male Trans Golfer Wins Women's Professional Tournament - 4/3/2023

Man Who Won Women's Cycling Race Stands Alone On Podium After Female Competitors Refuse To Join Him - 5/19/2023

VICTORY FOR SANITY: Biological Man BANNED From Competing As Women In Global Cycling - Will Now Compete In New Category - 7/14/2023

Transgender Woman Faces Backlash After World Title Win Over 14-Time Female Fencing Champion - 10/17/2023

Female Pool Player Forfeits Championship Rather Than Compete Against A Man - And The Crowd Goes Wild - 11/14/2023

Female Boxer Learns At Last Moment Her Opponent's Manhood Was Kept A Secret, Drops Out Of Women's Competition - 11/16/2023

Female Boxer Withdraws From Match After She Is Informed Her Opponent Is Transgender Less Than An Hour Before Fight - 11/19/2023

Vermont Girls' Coach Defends Decision To Forfeit Game Over transgender Player: 'Boys Just Play At A Different Speed' - 2/26/2024

'The Dam Is Bursting': Riley Gaines And Other Female Athletes Sue NCAA For Allowing Transvestites To Invade Women's Sports - 3/15/2024

'Not Fair Nor Safe': Ex-WNBA Player Says Solution Is Needed For Transgender Athletes Besides Competing Against Women - 4/11/2024