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Food Shortages: Land Grabs

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Federal Land Ownership By State -

California Farmer Reveals Once-Great Agricultural Powerhouse 'Now Just A Wasteland' - 9/14/2022

Netherlands Seeks To Close 3,000 Farms By Threatening Farmers With 'Compulsory' Land Buyouts If They Refuse "Voluntary' Offers To Comply With EU Climate Rules - 11/29/2022

China Buys Up US Farmland By Expoliting Loopholes To Undermine US National Security: Security Expert - 12/19/2022

Chinese Investors Own 384K Acres Of US Agricultural Land: Report - 2/13/2023

Bipartisan Group Of Senators Pushes To Ban China From Buying US Farmland - 3/22/2023

Biden Admin's Sweeping New Rules Would Let Green Groups Lease Federal Land Away From Oil, Ranching - 3/31/2023

Private Property May Need To Be Seized By Federal Government, Corporations To Advance Climate Initiatives, Says JPMorgan CEO - 4/7/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Texas AG Paxton Advocates Against Letting Foreign Adversaries Use Straw Buyers To Purchase State Land - 4/22/2023

IN-DEPTH: Battle For The Heartland - How US Farmland Is Quietly Falling Into Chinese Hands - 4/26/2023

DeSantis Signs Bills Limiting Chinese Influence And Purchases Of Land In Florida - 5/9/2023

House Republicans Demand BLM Extend Comment Period On Public Land Grab - 5/18/2023

Texas Congresswoman Introduces Legislation To Prevent China From Buying US Farmland - 6/11/2023

We Finally Know Who Bought Up $1B Worth Of Land Near Air Force Base: Report - 8/29/2023

Indiana's GOP-Run Government Working On 11 Land Deals With Chinese Communist Businesses - 3/8/2024