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George Soros: Democrat Connections

- See: Crime & Crime Prevention: Corrupt & Soros-Funded DAs & Attorneys

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Of Fifth Anniversary Of Shooting, Extreme Leftists Threaten Congressional Baseball Game Again - 7/8/2022

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MSU Shooter Anthony McRae Was Armed Thanks To Soros-Aligned, Far-Left Prosecutor - 2/15/2023

Disinformation Index Collapses After Targeting Conservative Media Content - 2/21/2023

Son Of George Soros Scored Multiple Visits To Biden White House, Records Show - 4/3/2023

White House Logs Reveal Goerge Soros' Son Has Made At Least 14 Visits - 4/11/2023

MAJOR DISCOVERY! Soros-Funded MI SOS Jocelyn Benson's Voter Rolls Contain "Over 48,000 NON-LEGAL Voter Registrations At Trailer Parks And Apartement Housing Addresses" - 4/17/2023

White House Records Show More Than A Dozen Visits By George Soros' Son - 5/15/2023

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Left-Wing Nonprofit Interfering In Milwaukee's 2024 Elections Got $750K From Soros Group - 3/28/2024