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Population Control: Assisted Suicide

Canada Killed More Than 10,000 Patients In Euthanasia Last Year - 8/3/2022

Evil Advertisement Promotes Killing People In Assisted Suicides - 11/29/2022

Woman Featured In Pro-Euthanasia Commercial Wanted To Live, Say Friends - 12/5/2022

DISTURGING: Trudeau's Parliament To EXPAND Its Euthanasia Laws In 2023 To Enable Clinically Depressed And Mentally Ill Residents To Kill Themselves  With Medical Assistance - 12/15/2022

Massachusetts Supreme Court Rules Against Medically-Assisted Death - 12/20/2022

Universal Health Care Ends With The Government Telling You To Kill Yourself - 12/30/2022

Yale Professor Under Fire For Suggesting Elderly Japanese Residents Should Kill Themselves - 2/13/2023

Minors Should Be Eligible For Assissted Suicide, Trudeau Government Committee Says - 2/16/2023

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Assisted Suicide Is A Threat To People With Disabilities Like Me - 3/1/2023

Vermont's Republican Governor Signs Bill To Nix Residency Requirement For Assisted Suicide - 5/2/2023

'Post-Christian Social Ethics': Alarming Number Of Young Candians Think The Poor And Mentally Ill Should Be Eligible For Voluntary Extermination By The State - 5/8/2023

Homeless In Canada? 1 In 3 Canadians Say You Should Be Allowed Assisted Suicide - 5/30/2023

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