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World Health Organization - WHO

Early COVID-19 Name Was Much More Menacing, Devious WHO Action Protected China's Reputation - 4/22/2020

China Asked The WHO To Help Cover Up Coronavirus, German Intelligence Concludes - 5/9/2020

German Intel: China Told WHO To Hide Human-To-Human Coronavirus Transmission In January - 5/10/2020

China Proxy WHO Prescribed LOCKDOWNS That Were Followed By Fauci And Birx To Destroy US Economy - 5/10/2020

Madagascar's President Claims W.H.O. Offered $20 Million Bribe To Contaminate COVID-19 Remedy - 5/17/2020

Coronavirus To Burn Out 'Naturally' Even Before Vaccine? Former  WHO Chief Says So - 5/18/2020

WHO Guidance: Healthy People Should Wear Masks Only When 'Taking Care Of' Coronavirus Patients - 5/28/2020

WHO Alters Timeline To Indicat It First Learned Of Coronavirus From Internet, Not Chinese Officials - 7/6/2020

WHO Reverses Course, Says Lockdowns Are Too Damaging And Shouldn't Be Primary COVID Response - 10/11/2020

Pandemic Numbers Faked To Blame Trump: The WHO Changes Guidelines On COVID Tests An Hour After Biden Inquguration - 1/21/2021

WHO Advisory Board Member Admits China Engaging In "Massive Cover-Up' On COVID-19 Origins - 6/8/2021

Lying WHO Post May Have Literally Tricked People Into Getting The COVID Vaccine - 8/3/2021

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Washington Post Fact Check Rates Trump Claim About WHO 'False,' Then Provides At Least Nine Examples Showing That It Was Actually True - 4/18/2020

United Nations & World Health Organization Caught In Sexual Abuse Scandal - 10/2021

WHO: No Deaths Reported As A Result Of Omicron Variant To Date - 12/10/2021

World Health Organization Tells Ukraine To Destroy Dangerous Pathogens To Prevent 'Potential Spills' Of Disease From Labs - 3/11/2022

GLOBAL GOV'T ALERT: Threat To National Sovereignty Set To Go Down May 22-28 At WHO World Health Assembly - 4/26/2022

EXCLUSIVE: WHO Propaganda Outlet From France Attacks Gateway Pundit Reporting And Dr. Li Who Claims COVID Was Created In A Lab And Released Intentionally By China - 5/7/2022

Despite Reports Of Recurring Covid-19 Symptoms After Taking Paxlovid Pill, WHO Calls Pfizer To Make Its Covid Pill Available To Poorer Countries - 5/10/2022

Global Health Agencies Planned For Monkeypox Pandemic To Strike In May 2022, Wargame Document From Early 2021 Reveals - 5/22/2022

BREAKING: War-Game Document From 2021 Reveals Global health Agencies Planned For Monkeypox Pandemic To Strike In May 2022 - 5/22/2022

WHO Expert Says Monkeypox Outbreak May Have Emerged From Sex At 2 Different European Raves - 5/23/2022

Is This The End Of American Sovereignty? Attorney Thomas Renz Reveals What's Really Happening At The World Health Assembly This Week - 5/24/2022

Docs From 2021 Int'l Security Exercise Showed Monkeypox Bio Attack On May 15, 2022 - 5/24/2022

Deace: American Sovereignty Is About To Be Overruled By The World Health organization. For Your Own Good, Of Course - 5/24/2022

The WHO Treaty Is Tied To A Global Digital Passport And Digital ID System - 5/24/2022

Monkeypox 'Games' Could Lay Groundwork For WHO Pandemic Response Takeover - 5/24/2022

World Health Organization Temporarily Withdraws Biden's 'Public Health Emergency' Amendments - 5/26/2022

New WHO Report Reverses Prior Findings On COVID-19 Lab-Leak Theory - 6/10/2022

World Health Organization Will Rename Monkeypox To Avoid Stigma And Racism - 6/14/2022

After Years Of Denials, A Report Indicates That The Head Of The WHO Quietly Believes COVID-19 Came From Lab In Wuhan, China - 6/19/2022

Documentary: WHO Program Resulting IN Sterilization Of African Women Without Their Consent - 6/21/2022

WHO Declares Monkeypox Outbreak A Global Health Emergency After 5 Deaths Worldwide - 7/23/2022

G20 Promotes WHO-Standardized Global Vaccine Passport And 'Digital Health' Identity Scheme - 11/17/2022

The World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins, And Bill Gates Just Conducted Another Pandemic Simulation - This Time The Virus Is Deadlier And Targets Children - 12/11/2022

Texas, Oklahoma Sue Biden Admin Over Rule That 'Unlawfully Delegates' Authority To The WHO - 1/18/2023

WHO Decides COVID-19 Pandemic Is Not Over (VIDEO) - 1/30/2023

"Pharma, MSM, Tech, Intel, Zelensky, WHO, Deep State All Working Together To Cover Up Bioweapons In Ukraine" - 1/31/2023

Biden Admin Negotiates Deal To Give WHO Authority Over US Pandemic Policies - 2/18/2023

END OF AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY: Biden Regime Negotiates "Legally Binding" Deal To Give Chinese-Backed World Health Organization Full Authority Over US Pandemic Policies - No Senate Approval Needed - 2/19/2023

Biden's WHO Pandemic Treaty Would Kill Americans In The Name Of 'Equity' - 3/1/2023

Leo Hohmann: Biden Regime Leading All Nations Into Global Beast System That Would Require Compliance With Digital Health Tyranny Enforced By U.N. World Health Organization - 4/14/2023

WHO Confirms Major Fear About Biolab With Deadly Pathogens In War Zone - 5/1/2023

Breaking: WHO Finally Ends COVID-19 Pandemic, No Longer A Global Health Emergency (VIDEO) - 5/5/2023

WHO Pushes "Early Childhood Masturbation" For Toddlers, Encouraages Questions About Gender Identity For Kids Aged 4 - 5/15/2023

GOP Lawmakers Raise Concerns About Who's Pandemic Preparedness Treaty, US Involvement In Agency - 5/22/2023

Globalist World Health Organization Will Take Up EU System Behind Digital Vaccine Passports To "Facilitate Global Mobility" And "Better Protect Citizens" - 6/5/2023

WHO Adopts Euroean-Style COVID-19 Vaccine Passports As Part Of New Global Digital Health Certificate - 6/5/2023

WHO Bragged About Helping Big Tech Control What You See About Covid, And It's Still Happening - 9/13/2023

WHO Director Is Upset 'Conspiracy Theories' May Derail His Global Pandemic Treaty - 2/19/2024