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Barack Obama: Suicides & Deaths

'Suicide' Another Advisor to The Clintons & Obama Has 'Killed Himself' - 11/18/2021

Obama White House Chef Found Dead After Paddle Boarding Accident Near Former President's Martha's Vineyard Mansion - 7/24/2023

Tafari Campbell's Drowning Parallels Tragic Death Of Clinton Chef - 7/25/2023

Tafari Campbell's Death Has Eerie Parallels With Clinton Chef Walter Scheib - 7/25/2023

Axis Of Evil? Obamas, Clintons Linked By Suspicious Deaths - 7/25/2023

Tafari Campbell's Death Mystery Deepens: Police Leave Call Log Detailing Obama's Private Chef's Drowning BLANK - Call Was Made Two Miles From Obama's Residence Contradicting Initial Report - 7/28/2023

Second Obama Staffer Was Paddleboarding With Ex-President's Chef Before He Drowned: Report - 7/31/2023

MA Cops Are Accused Of Cover-Up In Drowning Death Of Obama's Chef - 8/3/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Tafari Campbell's Drowning Death Is Deemed An Accident But Massachusetts Police Are STILL Withholding Basic Information About Barack Obama's Personal Chef Under The Guise Of An 'Ongoing Investigation' - 8/3/2023

Key Question Surrounding Death Of Obama's Personal Chef Remains Unanswered - 8/14/2023

Medical Examiner Makes Ruling In Death Of Obama's Personal Chef - 8/22/2023

Obama 'Arrived At The Emergency Response Scene' Following Tragic Drowning Of His Chef Near His Home - 10/22/2023

Obama Was On The Scene After Personal Chef Died, Witness Was Interviewed In His Presence, Information Request Reveals - 10/24/2023

New Development In Death Of Obama Chef Involves Former President - 12/15/2032