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Millions Sign Petition Urging Electoral College To Elect Hillary Clinton - 11/11/2016

Hillary Reprises Obama's 'Bitter Clingers' Line To Explain Her Loss - 2/6/2018

Top Ukrainian Official Opens Investigation Into Alleged Plot To Boost Hillary In 2016 Election, Report Says - 3/21/2019

New Evidence Proves Hillary, DNC Sought To Collude With Ukrainian Government During 2016 Election - 5/9/2019

FLASHBACK: Clinton Repeatedly Called Trump 'Illegitimate' President - 7/24/2020

Fred Fleitz: Report Claims Hillary OK'd Effort To Defeat Trump In 2016 With False Russia Collusion Charge - 10/1/2020

Former CBS Producer Says Epstein's Gal Pal Indicated Sex Tapes Of Bill Clinton Exist But She Wouldn't Help Find Them In Order To Protect Hillary's 2016 Run - 2/19/2021

DURHAM: Hillary's Campaign Paid To 'Infiltrate' Servers At Trump Tower, White House To Link Trump To Russia - 2/13/2022

SPERRY: Ukraine Worked With Democrats Against Trump In 2016 To Stop Putin.  The Bet Backfired Badly. - 3/11/2022

Hillary Clinton Ridiculed For Attacking Republicans For Having A Strategy To Win Presidential Elections By Winning The Electoral College - 6/18/2022

Hillary Clinton Doubts Election Results While Claiming Doing So Is Treason - 6/21/2022

Hillary Clinton Tells Rachel Maddow That Efforts To Put Trump In Jail Show Democracy Is 'Working,' Condemns Election Denial - 8/15/2023

Critics Drag Top Democrat Election Denier For Giddy Reaction To Trump Indictment - 8/16/2023