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Congress: Attacks On SCOTUS

- See: Rioters & Protesters: 2022 SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

FDR Accounces "Court-Packing" Plan - 2/5/1937

Outlets Falsely Report Clarence Thomas Dined WIth Ron DeSantis Day Before Striking Down Roe  v. Wade - 10/28/2022

Cruz To Introduce Constitutional Amendment To Prevent Democrats From Packing Supreme Court - 3/22/2023

Clarence THomas Responds After New Accusations Claim He Violated Law By Accepting Luxury 'Gifts' - 4/7/2023

Democrats To Introduce Bill To Expand Supreme Court From 9 To 13 Justices - 4/14/2021

US Appeals Court Judge Rejects ProPublica Story On Justice Clarence Thomas - 4/14/2023

Durbin Calls O Chief Justice Roberts To testify About Ethics Rules To Senate Judiciary Committee - 4/20/2023

Former SCOTUS Justice Stephen Breyer Speaks Out In Defense Of Clarence Thomas: 'Man Of Integrity' - 4/24/2023

Chief Justice John Roberts Declines Senate Democrats' Request To Testify On Supreme Court Ethics Rules - 4/25/2023

Dems Won't Relent On Pressing SCOTUS After All Nine Justices Sign Rare Unanimous Statement Addressing Ethics - 4/27/2023

Democrats' Latest Sham Hearing Isn't About Ethics, It's About Destroying Their Political Enemies On The Supreme Court - 5/2/2023

Rather Than Smearing Justices, Democrats Should Be Asking Them For Ethics Lessons - 5/2/2023

Liberal SCOTUS Justice Took $3M From Book Pubisher, Didn't Recuse From Its Cases - 5/3/2023

Cruz Shreds Democrats' Smear Campaign Against Justice Clarence Thomas - 5/3/2023

Justice Thomas Responds To Report Donor Funded Relative's Education, Says Money Went To School - 5/4/2023

OOPS: Dem's Smear Campaign Against Conservative SCOTUS Boomerangs On Sotomayor - 5/4/2023

The Real Story Of The Clarence Thomas Non-Scandal Is Pro-Lifers Care About Life Outside The Womb - 5/4/2023

Liberal SCOTUS Justice Took $3M From Book Publisher, Didn't Recuse From Its Cases - 5/4/2023

'Another Attempt To Manufacture A Scandal': Friend Of Clarence Thomas Hits Back At New Report Targeting The Justice - 5/4/2023

Democrats Hatch New Plan To Force Reforms They Want On Supreme Court: 'Use The power Of The Purse' - 5/4/2023

Senate Panel Asks Crow For Full Accounting Of Gifts To Thomas, Other Justices - 5/8/2023

Democrats Hold Glaring Double Standards On SCOTUS Financial Disclosures - 5/12/2023

Democrats Hound Biden To Pack The Supreme Court, Establish Term Limits After More Decisions They Don't Like - 7/1/2023

Professors Urge Biden to Defy 'Mistaken' Rulings By 'MAGA' Supreme Court Justices - 7/23/2023

History Repeats Itself: Democrats Are Using Tactics Of The Marxists Of 1917 In Russia To Steal America - 8/6/2023

Top Democrats Demand Justice Department Investigate Justice Clarence Thomas - 8/13/2023

Democrat Senators Attack Justices With Ethics Complaints While Ignoring Their Own Conflicts Of Interest - 11/27/2023