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Deep State & The Swamp: Corruption & Authoritarianism: Ken Paxton Impeachment

GOP-Controlled Texas House Votes To Impeach Trump Ally Ken Paxton 121-23 - 5/27/2023

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Shreds Attempt To Impeach Him - 5/27/2023

Texas House Votes To Impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton - 5/27/2023

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Impeached, Temporarily Suspended Pending Senate Trial - 5/27/2023

Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton To Face Impeachment Vote In GOP-Controlled House - 5/27/2023

Six Members Of Texas AG Ken Paxton's Office Take Leave Of Absence To Defend Him In Senate Trial - 5/30/2023

Paxton Impeachment Trial: Tony Buzbee Brings Up George P. Bush Law License Renewal - 9/6/2023

The Paxton Impeachment Trial: Bush Dynasty Politics In Texas - 9/7/2023

Bush-Connected Lawyer Hasn't Billed Paxton 'Whistleblowers' For 3 Years - 9/8/2023

STUNNING:Ken Paxton Accuser And His Bushie Cohorts Went To FBI To Report On Paxton Without ANY Evidence Of Wrongdoing - VIDEO - 9/8/2023

Whistleblowers Admit They Reported Ken Paxton To The FBI Without A Shred Of Evidence - 9/8/2023

Impeachment Bombshell: Key Witness In Texas Trial Says He Had No Evidence Of Paxton Crime - 9/8/2023

Paxton Defense Presses Whistleblower On What Evidence He Brought To FBI - 9/8/2023

Paxton Impeachment 'Whistleblower' Went To The FBI Without Evidence - 9/9/2023

The Case Against Ken Paxton Is All Hat, No Cattle - 9/11/2023

What Ken Paxton's Impeachment Trial Means For America - 9/15/2023

Texas AG Ken Paxton Acquitted On All 16 Articles Of Impeachment - 9/16/2023

BREAKING: Senators Acquit Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton On All 16 Articles Of Impeachment - PAXTON CLEARED ON ALL CHARGES - 9/16/2023

Attorney General Ken Paxton Releases Statement Following His Acquittal Of Sham Impeachment - Issues Stern Warning To The Biden Regime - 9/16/2023

"The Bush Era Ends Today In The State Of Texas!" - Ken Paxton's Attorney Goes Off On RINO Coup After Prosecution Offers No Evidence Of A Crime As Senate Trial Ends - Make Calls Today To Save Texas! - 9/16/2023

RINO Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan Fires Warning Shot At Senators Who Spared Paxton: "Not The End... Those Who Allowed Him To Keep His Office Will Have Much To Answer For" - 9/16/2023

NEVER FORGET: These Two Texas RINOs Sen. Kelly Hancock And Sen. Robert Nichols Voted With Democrats To Impeach Ken Paxton w/Out Evidence - MAKE SURE THESE BACKSTABBERS ARE PRIMARIED OUT OF OFFICE! - 9/16/2023

Texas State Rep. Calls For House Speaker Dade Phelan To "Step Down" After Aquittal Of AG Ken Paxton On All Articles Of Impeachment - 9/16/2023

Boomerang: Texas House Members Call For Speaker's Resignation After Senate Acquits Paxton - 9/16/2023

Did Soros 'Rebpulicans' Make It ILLEGAL For Texas AG Ken Paxton To Prosecute Voter Fraud? - 9/21/2023

Newly Acquitted Texas AG Ken Paxton Considering Running Against Cornyn For Senate Seat, Telling Tucker Carlson, 'Everything Is On The Table For Me' - 9/21/2023

OUTRAGE: Ken Paxton's Salary Was CUT OFF Even Though The Law Forbade It - 9/22/2023

Texas Failed Impeachment Of Ken Paxton Offers A Glimpse Into The GOP's Intra-Party Feuds - 10/31/2023

Ken Paxton's Revenge: Texas AG Puts Critics, Biden, And Google In Crosshairs After Impeachment Win - 11/18/2023