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Donkeys, Elephants & RINOs: George Santos

DOJ Files Criminal Charges Against GOP Rep. George Santos - Expected To Be Arrested Wednesday - 5/9/2023

BREAKING: Rep. Santos Arrested - 13 Count Indictement - Wire Fraud, Money Laundering, Theft, False Statements - 5/10/2023

Rep. George Santos In Custody On Federal Charges - 5/10/2023

Santos Pleads Not Guilty To Federal Fraud Charges, Released On Board - 5/10/2023

Major D.C. Arrest Rocks Washington - Even Republicans Are Applauding Serious Indictment - 5/10/2023

Political Arrest To Coincide WIth Press Conference Detailing Evidence Of Biden Corruption -5/10/2023

George Santos Hit With 10 New Criminal Counts In Superseding Indictment - 10/10/2023

Resolution To Expel GOP Rep. George Santos From Congress After Biden DOJ's Politicized Indictment - Santos Responds - 10/11/2023

Santos Survives: House Rejects Resolution To Expel Embattled New York Republican - 11/1/2023

House Ethics Report Finds 'Substantial Evidence' George Santos Broke The Law - 11/16/2023

Santos Says Not Running For Second Term In 2024, After Release Of House Ethics Report - 11/16/2023

'A Badge Of Honor': George Santos Prepares For Expulsion From Congress, Claims Colleagues Have Drunken Sex With Lobbyists - 11/26/2023

All The Ways Americans Benefit From Republicans Voting To Expel George Santos: There Are None (Except For Democrats!) - 11/29/2023

Key Republicans Say They Won't Vote To Expel George Santos - 11/30/2023

GOP-Led House Expels Republican Rep. George Santos, Now Just Sixth House Member In US History Ousted - 12/1/2023

House Votes To Expel George Santos - 12/1/2023

GOP-Led House Expels George Santos But Not Terrorist Sympathizer Rashida Tlaib - 12/1/2023

Candidate For Santos' Old Seat Is Convicted On Jan. 6 Charges After Testifying He Had 'No Idea' Congress Met In The Capitol - 12/6/2023

Have the Republicans Lost Their Marbles? - 12/11/2023  

George Santos Brilliantly Trolls House Republicans After They Fail To Impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas For The Second Time - 2/6/2024

George Santos Blasts Former GOP Calleagues In Group Text After Dem Wins Special Election To Replace Him - 2/14/2024

Why Did Republicans Push To Expel George Santos But Not Bob Menendez? - 2/16/2024

Ex-Congressman George Santos Sues Jimmy Kimmel For $750,000 In Damages - 2/18/2024