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Donkeys, Elephants & RINOs: Illegal Immigrants

Kennedy, McCain Introduce Immigration, Guest Worker Bill - 5/12/2005

The McCain-Kennedy Immigration Reform Bill Falls Short - 7/26/2005

On Limbaugh's Show, Bush Acknowleges That Limbaugh And His Comrades Killed Immigration Reform - 11/10/2010

Honor Bipartisan Legacy Of John McCain With Immigration Reform - 8/29/2018

After Border Scandal Is Revealed, Ted Launches A 'Cruz Missile' At Dems In Congress - 7/2/2019

Newly Resurfaced Photos Illustrate Just How Hypocritical Dems Are About Detention Facilities - 7/2/2019

California Democrats Push Bill Allowing Noncitizens To Hold Party Leadership Roles - 7/2/2019

Trump Calls Out Democrats For Putting Illegal immigrants Ahead Of Inner City Americans - 8/1/2019

GOP Lawmakers Seek Answers On Joe Biden's Program To Hand Out ID Cards To Millions Of Illegal Aliens - 8/1/2022

Illegal Immigrants Are Now Able to Hold Government Jobs In Los Angeles - 8/2/2022

They Can't Win If They Don't Cheat... House Democrats Vote To Give Aliens The Right To Vote - IN UNANIMOUS VOTE! - 9/21/2022

DA Brooke Jenkins Won't Turn Over Illegal Alien Who Allegedly Attacked Pelosi's Husband to ICE, Claiming San Francisco Is A 'Sanctuary City' - 11/8/2022

New York Mom Goes Off On Democrats In Viral Rant About Illegal Immigrnats in Schools - 9/12/2023

Durbin Proposes U.S. Citizenship For Illegal Immigrants Through Military Service - 12/5/2023

ICYMI: Senator Marshall Slams Idea For Illegal Immigrants To Join Our Military On Fox Business - 12/8/2023

Democrats Talk About Illegal Immigrants The Same Way They Used To Talk About Slaves - 1/13/2024

Sen. Murphy Says The Quiet Part Out Loud - Democrat Strategy Has Failed "The People We Care About The Most" - Undocumented 'Americans' (VIDEO) - 2/8/2024

170 Dems Vote Against GOP-Led Bill That Would Require Illegal Immigrant Criminals To Be Detained - 3/7/2024

Democrats Fume Over The Word Biden Used To Describe Laken Riley Murer Suspect - But Notice What They're Not Mad About - 3/8/2024

Gov. Healey Shrugs Off Illegal Border Crosser Who Raped Teen: 'Things Will Happen' - 3/22/2024

Biden Considering Granting Amnesty, Handing Out Green Cards To Illegal Immigrants: REPORT - 3/26/2024