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Senate Candidate Fetterman Defends Actions In 2013 Gun Incident With Black Jogger - 2/10/21

John Fetterman Says He Pulled A Gun On A Black Man To Stop An Elementary School Shooting. It Was A Saturday Afternoon - 2/11/2021

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Top Democrat In U.S. Senate Race In Pennsylvania Hospitalized After Suffering Stroke - 5/15/2022

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Flashback: Fetterman Says "It's Impossible To Say" If He Would Once Again Pull A Shotgun On An Unarmed, Innocent Black Man Jogging Through His Neighborhood (VIDEO) - 9/20/2022

John Fetterman Campaign Walks Back Apparent Call To 'Free' All Second-Degree Murderers - 9/20/2022

Fetterman The Phony Hides Terrible, Radical Policies Behind Sunny Social Media - 9/24/2022

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'Ableist' Toward The 'Disability Community': John Fetterman's Wife Tells NBC To Apologize For Asking ABout His Stroke - 10/18/2022

Fetterman Held A Black Jogger AT Gunpoint. The Media Ignored It And Tim Scott Is Calling Them Out. - 10/20/2022

Fetterman Stumbles During Debate When Questioned About Flip-Flop On Support For Fracking - 10/25/2022

Fetterman Stumbles Over Speech In Pa. Senate Debate With Dr. Oz - 10/25/2022

John Fetterman Repeatedly Stumbles Over His Words In Debate WIth Dr. Mehmet Oz - 10/25/2022

The Fetterman Campaign Blames The Captioning - 10/26/2022

Debate Host Sets Record Straight After Fetterman Tries To Blame Debate Performance On Closed Captioning - 10/26/2022

John Fetterman's Campaign Is Already Legally Challenging Certain Ballots: 'We Are Committed To Using Every Tool At Our Disposal' - 11/8/2022

John Fetterman Was Allegedly Able To Pen Letter With Fellow Democrats While Under Supervision For Depression In Hospital - 3/3/2023

What's Up With John Fetterman's New Face? And What Happened To The Glassy Blank Stare? - 3/24/2023

'I Do Not Have A Body Double': Fetterman Releases Funny Video Mocking The Idea He Has A Look-Alike Stand-In - 4/18/2023

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Democrat John Fetterman Blames 'The Other Side' And 'Brutality Of The Campaign' For Depression Battle - 5/5/2023

'We Sale Your Bank': WaPo Reporter Rewrites Disastrous Fetterman Word Salad As A 'Quote' - 5/16/2023

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What? Fetterman Fumbles His Way Through Word Salad During Disaster Hearing - 6/20/2023

Sen. Fetterman Recites BLM Slogans In Celebratory Juneteenth Post, But Is Swiftly Reminded Of The Innocent Black Jogger He Chased Down With A Shotgun - 6/20/2023

Who Wrote This For You, John? - Fetterman Mocked For Tone-Deaf Juneteenth Tweet And Given Brutal Reminder Of His Racist Past - 6/20/2023

John Fetterman Mocks Biden Impeachment Inquiry In Bizarre, Childish Reaction To Reporter's Question (Video) - 9/12/2023

Fetterman Speaks Gibberish About Yacts As He Joins Auto Union Picket Line In Michigan (VIDEO) - 9/17/2023

Fetterman Arrives To Senate Looking Like A Slob In Short-Sleeve Shirt And Shorts (VIDEO) - 9/21/2023

Manchin Gathers Support To Reverse Senate's 'Fetterman Rule' Dress Code - 9/21/2023

UNBELIEVEABLE: THIS Politician Has Been Absent 33.4% Of The Time, But There's Someone With An Even WORSE Record - 9/22/2023

John Fetterman Fights Back Tears Over Post-Stroke 'Ridicule,' Says He 'Lost My Ability To Fully Process Language' - 9/22/2023

John Fetterman Calls On Bob Menendez To Resign From U.S. Senate - 9/23/2023

Fetterman: It's A 'Strange World' When People Care More About The Dress Code Than Menendez's Having Cash In Envelopes That 'Would Make The Goodfellas Blush' - 9/25/2023

Slob Fetterman Backs Down On Senate Dress Code: Report - 9/27/2023

Fetterman Leaves Case Of Bud Light With Note For GOP After Mocking Senate Dress Code - 9/29/2023

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John Fetterman To James Carville: 'Shut The F*ck Up' - 12/27/2023

Fetterman Opens Up About 'Dark' Conversations During Depression - 12/31/2023

VIDEO: John Fetterman Spends His Night Trolling Pro-Hamas Agitators With Israeli Flag After They Showed Up At Him Home To Harass Him - 1/27/2024

John Fetterman Responds When Anti-Israel Protesters Show Up At His House - 1/28/2024

John Fetterman Is Not The Progressive Politician Everyone Thought He Was - 2/11/2024

John Fetterman's Newest Offer To Republicans Will Upset His Democrat Bosses Who Have Blocked GOP Immigration Bill - 2/29/2024

'Hamas Only Deserves Elimination': Fetterman Continues To Unflinchingly Support Israel - 4/3/2024