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Donkeys, Elephants & RINOs: Mike DeWine

GOP Gov Who Vetoed Trans Bills Received Over $40,000 From Children's Hospitals Supporting Sex Change Procedures - 12/29/2023

Ohio's GOP Governor Vetoes Ban On Gender-Affirming Care And Transgender Athletes In Girls' Sports - 12/29/2023

Ohio GOP Governor Vetoes Bill That Bans Gender-Affirming Care, Transgender Athletes In Girl Sports - 12/29/2023

Republican Gov Vetoes Ban On Sex Changes For Minors At The 11th Hour - 11/29/2023

Mike DeWine Defends Vetoing Ban On Gender Procedures For Minors. J.D. Vance Slams His Reasoning. - 12/29/2023

'I'm Finished With This Stuff': Trump Blasts Mike DeWine For Vetoing Ban On Child Sex Changes - 12/30/2023

Ohio Governor Who Vetoed Bill Blocking Protecting Minors And Girls' Sports Took $40K From Pro-Trans Hospitals - 1/1/2024

DeWine Signs Limited Order On Transgender Surgeries For Kids As Ohio Republians Push For Full Protections - 1/6/2024

Governor DeWine's Executive Order Is A De Facto Ban On Transgender Cause - 1/8/2024

Ohio House Votes To Override GOP Governor's Veto On Banning Gender Procedures On Children, Biological Boys Competing In Girls Sports - 1/10/2024

Ohio House Votes To Override Gov. DeWines Veto Of Transgender Treatments, Sports Bans - 1/10/2024

Ohio House Votes to Override Republican Governor's Veto Of Ban On Sex Changes For Minors - 1/10/2024

Ohio House Overrides Governor DeWine's Veto Of Bill That Bans Gender-Mutilating Surgeries For Minors - 1/10/2024

Ohio Republicans Ban Trans Procedures On Minors, Boys In Girls' Sports In Vote Overriding GOP Governor - 1/24/2024

Ohio Senate Overrides Governor's Veto Of Transgender Care Restriction - 1/24/2024

Red State Senate Kills Gov's Veto On Bill Banning Child Sex Changes - 1/24/2024

Why Can't Deep-Red Ohio Accomplish Anything For Conservatives? - 4/12/2024