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Donkeys, Elephants & RINOs: Targeting The Opposition

Tammy Bruce: Democrats Casually Admit Their Obscene Accusations Against Trump And His Supporters Was A Sham - 3/14/2019

Poll: Nearly Half Of Men Under 50 In The Democrat Party Support Political Violence Including Assassination - 6/11/2022

Democrats Misleadingly Claim 'Republicans' Plan' Would 'End' Social Security, Medicare - 4/29/2022

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Dem Staffer Got Away With Defacing MTG's Office, Now He's Out Of His Last Job - 9/2/2022

Democrat Claims Election-Denying Is 'Hallmark' Of Fascism. But His Election-Denying Past Quickly Tells On Him. - 9/6/2022

N.Y. Democrat Official Caught Removing 'Illegal' Campaign Signs For GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Lee Zeldin - And Claims Displaying Them 'Leads To Bigger Crime' - 11/3/2022

If Republicans Win, They Will Burn Your Home, Steal Your Possessions, Take Your LIves, And Laugh As They Enslave Your Children - 11/3/2022

INCREDIBLE! Republican Legislators Turn Backs On Katie Hobbs, Walk Out On Radical State Of The State Address - Arizona Freedom Caucus Releases Statement Condemning "New Breed Of Democratic Fascism" - 1/9/2023

REPORT: State Attorney General Pushing "Ministry Of Truth" Bill Which Targets Conservatives - Opposing Election Fraud And Vaccine Mandates Could Become Crimes - 3/5/2023

Boston Democrat Mayor Sued For Allegedly Discriminating Against White Restaurant Owners - 3/10/2023

Former 'Democratic Party Icon' Apologizes To Conservatives; Lauds Release Of January 6 Footage - 3/11/2023

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Column: Who's More Dangerous - Trump Or DeSantis? - 3/13/2023

If 'No One Is Above The Law,' Democrats And Their Partisan Pawns Would Be Arraigned, Not Trump - 3/31/2023

With Trump Indictmet, Revisit 20 Times Leftists Melted Down Over 'Lock Her Up' Hillary Gibe - 4/1/2023

Veteran Democratic Operative Linked To Restart Of Case Against Trump - 4/5/2023

Dershowitz: Dems Who Opposed 'Dangerous' And 'Unconstitutional' Espionage Act Now 'Rooting For It To Be Applied Broadly' - 6/10/2023

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Report: Leftist-Funded ProPublica Attacks Conservatives 23 Times More Often Than Democrats - 11/7/2023

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House Democrat Raises Alarm With Haunting Question About Clarence Thomas Not Complying With Recusal Demand - 1/2/2024

House Democrat Lectures Mother Of Fentanyl Overdoes Victim, But She Exposes Him With Just One Question: 'Have You?' - 1/19/2024