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Durham Case & Indictments: Michael Sussman

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Indictment Of Michael A. Sussmann - 9/16/2021

Grand Jury Indicts D.C. Attorney With Making False Statements To The FBI In 2016 Refarding Alleged Communications Between Trump Organization And Russian Bank - 9/16/2021

FINALLY: Durham's First Indictment Released - 9/16/2021

New Durham Indictment Exposes Second Leg Of Hillary Clinton's Russia Collusion Dirty Trick - 9/16/2021

Lawyer Charged in Durham Case Asks To Block Dossier Evidence - 4/5/2022

Tech Exec Used Access To White House Computers To Look For Dirt On Trump, Says Special Counsel - 2/15/2022

Lawyer Charged By Durham Seeks Dismissal Of Indictment - 2/17/2022

John Durham, Michael Sussmann, And The Broader Clinton Conspiracy - 4/5/2022

John Durham: Ex-Clinton Lawyer Allegedly Lied To FBI In Writing - 4/5/2022

Federal Judge Denies Hillary Clinton Lawyer Michael Sussmann's Motion To Dismiss Durham Case - Trial Begins May 16 - 4/13/2022

Former Clinton Campaign Lawyer Made False Statments To Second Government Agency: Durham - 4/16/2022

Blocking Evidence: Clinton Campaign Tries To Keep Memos From Durham's Upcoming Trial - 4/20/2022

Durham Says Sussmann Part Of 'Joint Venture' To Help Clinton Campaign, Smear Trump With Russia Dirt - 4/25/2022

Techno Fog: Notable Disclosures From Michael Sussmann's Evidentiary Hearing - 4/29/2022

Emails Surface More Evidence Hillary Clinton Paid For Anti-Trump Disinformation Operation - 4/29/2022

INFOGRAPHIC: Durham's First Trial: The Michael Sussmann Case - 5/12/2022

Clinton Campaign Lawyer Wanted To Create 'October Surprise' With Trump-Russia Claims: Prosecutors - 5/17/2022

Juror Donations, Judge's Family Ties At Sussmann Trial Spotlight DC's Liberal Leanings - 5/18/2022

Judge In Clinton Lawyer Trial Rejects Durham's Request To Remove Juror Over Ties To Defendant - 5/20/2022

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Durham Probe Takes Blow With Not-Guilty Verdict For Ex-Clinton Lawyer Michael Sussmann - 5/31/2022

Even Without The Jury Convicting Michael Sussmann, The Special Counsel Has Won - 5/31/2022

Jury Forewoman In Michael Sussmann Trial Raises Eyebrows With Revealing Comments: 'I Don't Think It Should Have Been Prosecuted' - 6/1/2022

Barr Says Durham Did 'Exceptionally Able Job' After Jury Finds Sussmann Not Guilty Of Lying To FBI - 6/2/2022

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Exclusive Doc Indicates Special Counsel Failing To Bring Collusion Hoaxers To Justice - 9/15/2022

Elon Musk Calls Out Sussmann, Perkins Coie For 'Attempt To Corrupt A Presidential Election' - 12/8/2022