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Government Agencies: DOD & Military: COVID Mandates & Vax

Military Vaccine Bait & Switch: "DOD Is Trying To Pull Off Regarding The Non-Availablity Of The Mandated, FDA-Approved Shots" - 2/20/2022

Military Doctors Can't Trust DOD Medical Database After COVID Vax Injuries Scrubbed: Whistleblower - 5/10/2022

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Fighter Pilot Speaks Out On Discrimination Against Unvaccinated In US Military - Pilots Forced To Perform Janitorial Work (VIDEO) - 5/31/2022

Biden Secretary Of Defense Lloyd Austin Ignored DOD IG Memo For 3 Months That Alleged Wrongdoing With COVID Mandates - 9/17/2022

GOP Senators To Withhold Support For Defense Funding Until They Get Vote To End Military Vax Mandate - 12/1/2022

COVID Vaccine Mandate For Military Dropped From Defense Bill Despite Biden Opposition - 12/7/2022

Biden DOD Firing Vax Refuseniks To 'Purger Conservative Service Members': House Armed Services Member - 3/9/2023

The US Military Discharged Over 8,000 Service Members Who Rejected The COVID-19 Shot. Only 43 Have Rejoined. - 10/4/2023

Senate Republicans Probe Whether Veterans Affairs Is Caring For Service Members Injured By The Covid Shot - 10/10/2023

Six U.S. Senators Demand Inquiry Into Department Of Veteran Affairs Following Denial Of Disability Claims For 24-Year-Old Navy Vet Discharged Due To Myocarditis From COVID-19 Vaccine - 10/11/2023

Navy SEAL Who Is Fighting Against Radical Gender Ideology, CRT, And Vaccine Tyranny Is Under Investigation For Alleged Ties to "Extremist Group" - 11/18/2023

Army sends Letter To Soldiers Booted From Service For Refusing COVID Vaccine, Asks If They'd Like To Return - 11/20/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Air Force Begs Troops Booted Over COVID-19 Vax To Come Back - 11/21/2023

Marine Who Was Discharged, Court Martialed for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine Arrested For Attempting To Return To Her Base In Japan - 12/22/2023

Over 200 Service Members, veterans Pledge To Hold Military Leaders Accountable For Vaccine Mandate - 1/1/2024