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EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden DID Help Secure Millions In Funding For US Contractor In Ukraine Specializing In Deadly Pathogen Research, Laptop Emails Reveal, Raising More Questions About The Disgraced Son Of Then Vice President - 3/25/2022

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DOD Schools Push 'Marxist' Indoctrination, Woke 'Social Engineering,' Teachers Say - 1/23/2023

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Biden DOD Firing Vax Refuseniks To 'Purger Conservative Service Members': House Armed Services Member - 3/9/2023

DOD Pays Media-Rating Scammers To Create Propaganda And Censorship Tech For U.S. Government - 3/17/2023

Biden's Department Of Defense Denies Drag Shows On Bases Even When Confronted With Undeniable Evidence - 3/31/2023

Amid Recruiting Crisis, DoD "Reinterprets" Army Aviators' Contracts, Tells Them They Owe Three More Years - 4/29/2023

Pentagon Cannot Account For Over $85 Million In Taxpayer-Funded Spare Parts For F-35 Jet - DOD's Costliest Weapon System: Report - 5/24/2023

160-Plus Retired Military Brass Urge Congress to Root Out DOD's Poisonous 'Diversity' And 'Equity' Programs - 5/24/2023

Fort Bragg Renamed As Biden DOD Pushes To Remove Confederate Memorabilia - 6/2/2023

Pentagon Memo Reveals Host Of Mutilations 'Transgender' Soldiers Can Undergo At Taxpayers' Expense; Notes They Can Dodge Depolyments, Receive Indefinite Physical Fitness Waivers - 7/19/2023

US Army Possibly Trained Saudi Forces That Allegedly Killed Hundreds Of Unarmed Migrants - 8/31/2023