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Government Agencies: FBI: Catholic Targeting

FBI Suffers Fresh Bias Episode, Retracts Intel Memo Portraying Catholics As Extremist Threats - 2/9/2023

FBI Admits To Targeting Devout Catholics After Whistleblower Kyle Seraphin Reports On Leaked Bureau Document Warning Agents Of Dangers Of "Radical Traditionalist Catholic Ideology" - 2/9/2023

FBI Accused Of Violating Religious Liberties By Deleting Intelligence Doc On Traditional Catholics - 2/10/2023

FBI Wanted Sources Within Catholic Church to Look For 'Radicalization' In Local Parishes: House GOP - 4/10/2023

FBI's Targeting Of Traditional Catholics Is An 'Affront' To First Amendment, Jim Jordan Tells Daily Caller Editor - 4/11/2023

'War By The Extreme Left': Leo Terrell Goes Off On FBI Targeting Traditional Catholic Churches - 4/11/2023

'Shocking Informaiton': Jim Jordan Supboenas FBI Over Alleged Targeting Of Traditional Catholics - 4/11/2023

Jordan Presses Wray On FBI Memo About 'Radical Traditional Catholics' - 7/12/2023

FBI Says CatholicVote Is 'Not Entitled' to Records Detailing Spaying Of Catholic Churches - 7/12/2023

Lawmakers Uncover Evidence Multiple FBI Offices Involved In Anti-Catholic Memo, Contradicting Wray - 8/9/2023

Unreadacted FBI Memo Contradicts Christopher Wray's Claim Only 'A Singler Field Office' Targeted Traditional Catholics - 8/9/2023

ORGANIZED EVIL: Newly Released Documents Reveal MULTIPLE FBI Offices Across The Nation Were Colluding To Target Traditional Catholics As Domestic Terrorists - 8/9/2023

The FBI Targeted Traditional Catholics Because They Will Never Accept The Left's Pagan Morality - 8/11/2023

Investigators Find Multiple FBI Offices Involved In Biden Administration Scheme To Treat Pro-Lifers As Terrorists - 8/14/2023