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Government Agencies: FBI: Hillary Clinton Cover-Up

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FBI's Comey Says 'No Reasonable Prosecutor' Would Bring A Case Against Clinton For Emails - 6/5/2016

FBI Director: Hillary Clinton 'Extremely Careless' But No Charges Recommended - 6/6/2016

FBI and Justice Department Destroy Evidence To Help Hillary - 10/10/2016

FBI's Top Lawyer Believed Hillary Clinton Should Face Charges, But Was Talked Out Of It - 2/20/2019

LIsa Page Said FBI Discussed Charging Hillary Clinton With 'Gross Negligence' In 2016, And DOJ Told Them No - 3/12/2019

Obama DOJ Told FBI Not To Charge Hillary, Lisa Page Reveals What The 'Insurance Policy' Was - 3/13/2019

FBI Documents Reveal Evidence Of 'Cover Up' Discussions About Hillary's Private Server - 4/9/2019

HUGE! FBI Admits Hillary Clinton Emails Found In Obama White House - In The Executive Office Of The President - 4/23/2019

Comey's FBI Agent Peter Strzok Manipulated Search Warrant For Weiner's Laptop To PROTECT HILLARY - 6/24/2019

FBI Never Asked Clinton Aides For All Their Devices - 11/1/2016

THE UPDATED LIST: 130 Times The FBI, DOJ and/or Mueller Gang "Deviated From Standard Practice" or Committed Crimes In Effots To Exonerate Hillary And Indict President Trump - 7/27/2019

Trump Declassified Memos Prove FBI Gave Clinton Campaign Pass On Foreign Donors - 1/24/2021

Durham: FBI Overlooked Intel Clinton Masterminded Plot Smear Trump, Treated Campaigns Differently - 6/21/2023

John Durham Fires Back Perfect Response To Democrat Slamming His Reputation - And The Room Erupts In Applause - 6/21/2023

WATCH: John Durham Delivers "Searing Comeback" To Nasty Democrat Smearing Him - Audience Applauds In Agreement (VIDEO) - 6/21/2023