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Government Agencies: FBI: Politicalization & Weaponization

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After Zuckerberg Revelation, FBI Says It Routinely Warns Social Media About 'Malign Influence' - 8/28/2022

FBI Pressured People To Give Up Their Gun Rights, Documents Show - 9/13/2022

Whistleblower Reveals FBI Labeled Veteran-Led Organization As Domestic Terrorist Group - 9/15/2022

FBI Makes 6,000 Arrests, Seizes Firearms In Summer-Long Operation - 9/16/2022

Child Sex-Abuse Cases No Longer 'Priority' For FBI Amid January 6 Investigation, Whistleblower Claims - 9/20/2022

FBI Accused Of Pulling Agents Off Child Sex Abuse Cases To Investigate Jan. 6 - 9/20/2022

Did FBI Brass Censor Agents' Report Warning Of Political Influence? Congress Wants To Know - 9/21/2022

Mike Lindell's FBI Phone Seizure Warrant Reveals Why DOJ Investigating MyPillow CEO - 9/22/2022

If The Feds Go After A Pro-Lifer Who Shoved A Bully, They'll Go After Anyone - 9/29/2022

WARNING: FEDS WARN OF ELECTION DAY VIOLENCE - Is Stasi FBI Plotting Their Next Assault On The American People? - 9/30/2022

Republicans To Investigate 'Excessive' FBI Raid Of Pennsylvania Pro-Life Activist's Home - 9/29/2022

FBI Refuses To Return Security Camera Footage Of Bombing At Pro-Life Pregnancy Center - Has Made ZERO Arrests In Over 70 Attacks On Pro-Life Centers (VIDEO) - 9/30/2022

With New Documents, The Biden Administration's Targeting Of A Pro-Life Dad Just Got Crazier - 10/4/2022

Biden's America: Wife Of Pro-Life Activist Films Heavily Armed FBI Agents Who Arrested Her Husband At Home (Video) - 10/7/2022

'Guns Pointed At Me': FBI Arrests Father Of 11 In Front Of His Children for Pro-Life Work - 10/7/2022

"Please, I Have 7 Babies In The House, I'm Going To Open The Door" - EXCLUSIVE Interview - Wife Of Pro-Life Author And Father Of 7 (Mark Houck) On His Arrest By 25-30 FBI Agents (VIDEO) - 10/8/2022

FBI Whistleblower Leaks Docuemnt To Project Veritas Showing Agency Allegedly Labeling 'Misinformaiton' Under 'Election Crimes' - 10/27/2022

Whistleblower: FBI Election-Meddles Again By Targeting Info Democrats Don't Like Under 'Election Crimes' - 10/28/2022

House GOP Judiciary Drops 1,050-Page Report On FBI Whistleblower 'Politicization' Disclosures - 11/4/2022

House Republicans Release 1,000-Page Report Showing FBI Is 'Rotted At Its Core' - Page 5 Includes Message To All DOJ Employees - 11/7/2022

The FBI's Transformation, From National Police To Domestic Spy Agency. Part One: "Disruption" - 11/10/2022

Bombshell: About Those FBI Informants Concerning Jan. 6... - 11/10/2022

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FBI Sent Scrambling By Republican Accusation - Jim Jordan's Whistleblowers Just Struck Again - 12/1/2022

Twitter Files Overshadow The Bigger Scandal: FBI Lied To Tech Giants To Interfere In Election - 12/13/2022

How The FBI Bought Twitter Long Before Musk Did, And For A Much Better Price - 12/20/2022

Spooks Infiltrate Silicon Valley: Facebook Is Riddled With Ex-CIA Agents - Including President's Briefer Who Now Runs 'Harmful Content' Team - So Many Ex-FBI Work At Twitter They Have Slack Channel And Google Is Rife With Ex-CIA - 12/22/2022

FBI Admits It Meddles In 'Numerous Companies,' Not Just Twitter - 12/22/2022

Jordan Demands FBI Turn Over All Communications With Twitter As Probe Of Censorship Heats Up - 12/23/2022

House Panel Formed To Probe 'Weaponization' of FBI, DOJ Too Important For Partisan Trivialities - 1/11/2023

Former Top FBI Official Spills The Beans When He Advises Biden's DOJ To Obstruct Congress On Biden Classified Docs - 1/17/2023

Feds Adapting AI Used To Silence ISIS To Combat American Dissent On Vaccines, Election - 1/26/2023

House Judiciary Subpoenas FBI Director Wray And AG Garland For Targeting Parents - 2/3/2023

'Conspiracy Theorist' Is A Slur Meant To Silence Us - 2/6/2023

THIS IS WHAT FASCISM LOOKS LIKE: New York City Teachers Who Refused The COVID Jab Had Their Fingerprints And Personnel Files Sent To The Corrupt FBI (AUDIO) - 2/11/2023

The FBI Isn't The Only Guilty Party In The 'Twitter Files,' And It Isn't 'Partisan' To Say So - 2/13/2023

FBI Whistleblower Resigns From Bureau, Warns Congress About Dangers Of Case 'Quota System' - 2/16/2023

FBi Whistleblower Claims Agency Forced Him To Juice Domestic Terrorism Numbers - 3/3/2023

FBI Moved To Target Pro-Lifers Under New 'Threat Tag,' Agent Says - 3/3/2023

FBI Politicized J6 Cases, Targeted Pro-Lifers, Whistleblowers Tell House Panel On Weaponization - 3/4/2023

FBI Worked Secretly With Hospitals To Strip US Citizens' Gun Rights, Documents Show - 3/7/2023

FBI Specifically Targeted Pro-Lifers After Roe Overturned, Whistleblower Claims - 3/7/2023

Document Expose FBI Secretly Working With Hospitals To Disarm Americans Without Warrants - Report - 3/12/2023

Microsoft-Tied NewsGuard Was Paid By Feds While It Censored Conservative Media, Including MRCTV - 3/13/2023

FBI Is Now A 'Weaponized Apparatchik' Of The Presidential Administration: Whistleblower - 3/17/2023

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Devoted At Least 15,000 More Hours To Jan. 6 Riot Than To BLM Riots In DC - 3/20/2023

New J. Edgar Hoover Biography Tacitly Urges Purging The FBI Of Christians And Conservatives - 4/7/2023

FBI Flags Right-Wing Internet Slang As 'EXTREMISM' - 4/10/2023

House Republicans Subpoena FBI Official For Alleged Retaliation Against Whistleblowers - 4/25/2023

FBI Seizes Couple's Life-Savings Without Charging Them Of Crime - Here's How It's Completely Legal - 5/7/2023

A Dozen Former FBI Agents Break Silence On The State Of The Bureau - 5/11/2023

Progressive Pro-Lifer's Mom Gets A Home Visit From FBi Karens - 5/18/2023

FBI Retaliated Againt Whistleblowers Who Exposed Bureau's 'Politicized Rot' By Revoking Secuirty Clearance, Suspending Employees: House Report - 5/18/2023

THESE FBI Actions May Be Worse Than The Durham Report - 5/23/2023

After Overseeing Weaponization Of Government Against Trump, James Comey Frets Trump Could Weaponize Government - 6/5/2023

Republican Lawmaker Warns Trump Supporters About Falling Into DOJ Trap - 6/13/2023

FBI Colluded With Russian-Infiltrated Agency In Ukraine To Censor Americans - 7/11/2023

Wray Admits Bank Of America, Other Businesses Share Innocent Americas' Records With FBI 'All The Time' - 7/12/2023

Highlights From The House Judiciary Hearing With Christopher Wray - 7/12/2023

From J6 Informants To FISA Abuses, FBI Boss Had Few Answers To Congress' Most Pressing Questions - 713/2023

Wray Repeatedly Denies FBI Censorship Of Conservatives, As Republicans Point To Suppressed Posts - 7/12/2023

Probe Opened Into FBI Targeting Of House Intelligence Committee Staffers During Russia Probe - 7/13/2023

FBI Pushed Informants To Buy Weapons To Expand Domestic Violent Extremism Investigations - 7/14/2023

More On Dirty Chris Wray: FBI Chief Used Agent Brian Auten To Investigate Mar-A-Lago After He Suppressed Hunter Laptop Info And Participated In Crossfire Hurricane Attempted Coup Of Presdient Trump (Video) - 7/14/2023

FERBRACHE: You May Have Missed A Startling Part of Wray's Testimony On Backdoor Gun Control - 7/15/2023

Investigators Find Multiple FBI Offices Involved In Biden Administration Scheme To Treat Pro-Lifers As Terrorists - 8/14/2023

Report: The FBI Illegally Politicized Background Investigations For Republican Presidentail Nominees - 9/14/2023

Kash Patel Sues FBI Director, Former Trump DOJ Officials For Allegedly Targeting Personal Records - 9/18/2023

The Tragic True Story Behind Martin Scorses's New Film, Killers Of The Flower Moon - 9/18/2023

FBI Targets Trump Voters As Domestic Terrorists Ahead Of 2024 Election - 10/4/2023

After Ignoring Violent BLM Riots, FBI Targets Trump Supporters For Breaking Anti-Riot Laws - 10/4/2023

FBI Secretly Targeting Trump Supporters Ahead Of 2024 Election, Labels MAGA Followers As 'Domestic Violent Extremists': Report - 10/5/2023

Kash Patel Reveals How The Corrupt FBI Led By Dirty Chris Wray Is Working To Censor Pro-Trump Americans Ahead Of 2024 Presidential Election (VIDEO) - 1/22/2024

Another 'Trusted' FBI Informant Discredited, Renewing Concerns Over Bureau's Vetting - 2/15/2024

Federal Case Against Diddy Expands, Subpoenas Reportedly Issued To Affiliated Corporations Amid Asset Sell-Off - Ex-Bodyguard Claims Diddy Is FBI Informant - 3/30/2024