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Government Agencies: HHS

Obama HHS Abortion Mandate Loses In Court, Can't Force Christian Businesses To Fund Abortions - 8/7/2019

It Was Planned! Video Emerges Of Dr. Fauci And HHS Officials Plotting For 'Novel Virus From China' To Enforce Universal Vaccinations (VIDEO) - 10/9/2021

'Deep State' Was Working Against Trump On COVID-19 Response: Former HHS Adviser - 5/1/2022

I Can't Say It, We're Being Recorded: HHS Sec Almost Leaks Illegal Plans For Abortion, Clams Up When He Notices Camera - 6/29/2022

Senator Tells HHS To 'Immediately' Secure Fauci's Personal Devices, 'Burner Phones, 'Text And Call Records - 8/26/2022

Project Veritas: HHS Whistleblower Reveals 'Tax Dollars' Spent To 'Put Children In The Hands Of Criminals' ... Migrant Child: My Female Sponsor 'Would Pimp Me To Men' (VIDEO) - 11/29/2022

HHS Whistleblower Says The Government Is Complicit In The Trafficking Of Unaccompanied Minors - 11/30/2022

Blockbuster Report: Biden's Open Borders For Child Migrants Horror: Dozens Of Kids Killed; Legs Torn Off In Factories, Spines Shattered On Construction Sites, Thousands Lost By HHS - 2/25/2023

HHS Secretary Becerra Violated Hatch Act, Special Counsel Says - 4/18/2023

Biden HHS Denies Oklahomans Health Care Funding Because The State Won't Spend It On Abortions - 6/1/2023

Mothers Or 'Egg Producers'? Top HHS Official Rachel Levine Praises Clinic With 'Gender-Affirming' Language - 8/17/2023

Dr. Phil Warns 'Chaos' Agents Are Strategically Targeting Children With Social Media - 9/1/2023

Judges Skeptical That HHS Won't Punish Religious Doctors For Refusing 'Gender Affirming Care' - 12/9/2023

HHS Secretary Refuses To Explain Why 'Hardworking Americans' Should Pay For Illegals' Healthcare - 3/14/2024