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Joe & Hunter Biden: 2021 Afghanistan Withdrawal  

Biden Releases $100 Million Fund To Help Resettle Afghan Refugees - 7/24/2021

Biden's Afghan Withdrawal Achieved Nothing But Disaster - 8/13/2021

Biden's Betrayal Of Afghans Will Live In Infamy - 8/15/2021

I Ran Team Trump's Afghan Withdrawal - Biden's Attempt To Blame Us Is Just Sad - 8/19/2021

US Prioritizing Afghan Refugees Over American Citizens In Evacuation: J.D. Vance - 8/25/2021

TAKE ACTION: Biden Sabatoging Glenn Beck's Massive $30M Effort To Rescue christians Stranded In Afghanistan - 8/25/2021

It's Official: Joe Biden Just Abandoned Hundreds, And Possibly Thoussands, Of Americans In Afphanistan - 8/30/2021

TOTAL MEDIA BLACKOUT: Vets Charge Biden's State Department With 'Actively Impeding' Afghanistan Rescue Efforts - 8/30/2021

Biden Claims Afghanistan Withdrawal 'Extraordinary Success' In Address To Nation - 8/31/2021

Democrats Block Vote To Require Biden To Rescue All Americans, Military Equipment Abandoned In Afghanistan - 9/2/2021

Ted Cruz Says Biden Abandoned Americans In Afghanistan, Notes 'Reports Of A Hostage Crisis' - 9/5/2021

State Dept Blocking Private Rescue Flights From Leaving Afghanistan, Organizers Say: 'Blood Is On Their Hands' - 9/5/2021

Fox News Obtains Leaked Email Confirming State Department Obstruction Of Private Evacuation Flights From Afghanistan - 9/7/2021

Biden Admin Stopped Planes Chartered By Glenn Beck Charity From Taking Off, Handed Manifest Over To Taliban - 9/7/2021

Biden Wants To Move On From The Americans He Abandoned In Afghanistan - 9/7/2021

Veterans Say State Department Is Blocking Rescue Of Those Biden Left Behind In Afghanistan - 9/10/2021

More Than 16,000 Afghan Refugees Were Received By Just 7 States: Report - 12/20/2021

Veterans Group Rescues 23 More Abandoned By Biden In Afghanistan - 1/25/2022

Leaked Documents Highlight Biden's Failure In Leadership During Catastrophic Afghanistan Withdrawal - 2/2/2022

Biden Abandoned As Many As 9,000 Americans In Afghanistan, New Report Shows - 2/2/2022

9,000 Americans Remain Stranded In Afphanistan, According To A New Senate Report - 2/5/2022

Biden Administration's Afghanistan Withdrawal Caused Major Frustration Across US Military, Army Report Reveals - 2/8/2022

Biden Abandoned An American Hostage In Afghanistan - 4/1/2022

Biden Asks Congress To Help Provide Afghan Refugees A Pathway To Become US Residents - 5/4/2022

Biden's Afghanistan Failure Continues - 5/15/2022

Report: Biden's Afghanistan Withdrawal Could Leave Americans Vulnerable To Terrorist Attack In 'Next 12 To 18 Months' - 5/17/2022

Afghanistan's Swift Surrender To The Taliban Was Bue To Biden's Withdrawal Of American Troops, Watchdog Says - 5/18/2022

Terrorism Experts Uncover Glaring Problem With Successful Strike Against Ayman al-Zawahiri: 'Masks The Undeniable Truth' - 8/2/2022

"No Man Left Behind" - US Team Of Veterans Rescued 17,000 US Legal Permanent US Residents In Afghanistan After Joe Biden Abandoned Them Following Surrender To Taliban - 8/22/2022

Father Of Marine Killed In Kabul Bombing Spent One-Year Anniversary At Arlington... Joe Biden Spent It Cruising With Jay Leno - 8/27/2022

GOP Lawmaker Calls For Congressional Hearings After US Weapons Joe Biden Left Behind For Taliban Turn Up In Kashmir - 1/31/2023

House Republicans Launch Investigation Of Biden's Disastrous Withdrawal From Afghanistan - 2/18/2023

Family Of Marine Killed During Afghanistan Withdrawal Stunned To Learn Snipers Could Have Taken Out Suicide Bomber - 3/26/2023

WH Claims Biden Didn't Leave US Military Equipment WIth Taliban - 4/6/2023

Biden Blames Trump For Afghanistan Exit - 4/6/2023

Taliban Kills ISIS Terrorist Who Planned Lethal Attack On U.S. Troops During Afghanistan Withdrawal - 4/25/2023

Biden Admin Still Has Not Properly Vetted 88,000 Afghan Refugees, Two Years After Withdrawal - 5/2/2023

Joe Biden To Group Of LGBTQ+ Supporters: This Is Most Courageous Gropu "I've Seen In Anytime In The Recent Past: ...Forgets 13 Military Members Murdered By Terrorists While Protecting Airport In Hostile Afghanistan With No Support [VIDEO] - 6/12/2023

Biden Attacks His Admin Over Report On Afghanistan Failures: 'No, No ... I Was Right' - 6/30/2023

State Department Finally Admits IN Heavily Redacted Report That Biden Botched That Afghanistan Withdrawal - 6/30/2023

Family Forced To Pay To Transfer Body Of Marine Killed In Afghanistan Withdrawal - 7/27/2023

Retired Military Officials Say Biden Admin Ignored Warnings About WIthdrawing Troops From Afphanistan - 7/27/2023

'So Heartless': Gold Star Mother Rips Biden To Shreds Over What He Said After Her Maine Son Died In Afghanistan Withdrawal - 8/8/2023

Biden Admin Has Sent $2.35 Billion To Taliban Since Disastrous Afghanistan Withdraw - 8/9/2023

Joe Biden Needs To Stop Lying To Gold Star Families That His Son Died In Iraq - 8/9/2023

Two Years Later, We Know The Deadly Fall Of Kabul Didn't Have To Happen This Way - 8/14/2023

Blinken Omitted Key Docs Related To Afghan Withdrawal In Response To House Foreign Affairs Chair - 8/20/2023

The Biden Administration's Afghanistan Bug-Out Continues To Have Disastrous Consequences - 8/21/2023

Afghanistan Gold Star Mom: I Wept, Wanted Comfort From Biden. He Suggested A Photo With Him Instead. - 8/21/2023

'He Needs To Resign': Gold Star Families Call On Biden To Admit Mistakes In Afghanistan Withdrawal - 8/25/2023

Biden Issues Statement On Two-Year Anniversary Of Deadly Kabul Airport Attack That Killed 13 US Troops - 8/26/2023

Former Ukraine Prosecutor Says He Was Fired Under The Obama Admin For Investigating Burisma - 8/26/2023

'Why Was It Denied?': Gold Star Father Calls Out Biden Admin For Not Taking Out Kabul Terrorist - 8/29/2023

House Scores Win In Probe Into Whether Military Sniper Blocked From Killing Afghan Airport Bomber - 8/29/2023

State Department Was 'In Tears,' Brought In Therapy Dog During Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal, New Book Says - 9/5/2023

Lawmakers To Probe If U.S. Weapons Sent To Ukraine, Abandoned In Afghanistan Are In Hamas' Hands - 10/13/2023

Resurgent Al-Qaida Training Camps Latest Black Eye From Biden Afghanistan Withdrawal - 2/20/2024