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Joe & Hunter Biden: Administrative Policies Resembling Fascism: Forced Agenda

Biden Admin Invents 'Securities And Environment Commission' Out Of Thin Air To Force Climate Agenda On US Businesses - 3/28/2022

Pete Buttigieg Brags About $48K EV To People Who Can't Afford Gas, Looks Even Dumber When Ford Recalls EV - 6/16/2022

While Touting Abortion, Biden Admin Moves To Drop Natural Family Planning From Insurance Coverage - 6/20/2022

Biden Celebrates His Green Policies That Will "Take Millions Of Cars Off The Road" (VIDEO) - 6/22/2022

Stung By Gun And Abortion Rulings, Biden Undermines Supreme Court In Ways Unlike Predecessors - 6/25/2022

Joe Manchin Exposes How Biden's 'Build Back Better' Agenda Is A 'Complete Social Realignment' - 7/18/2022

Glenn Beck: Here's Why ALARM BELLS Should Hae Gone Off When Biden Said THIS - 7/27/2022

Biden Set To PURGE 27.5% Of Army (Or More) Who Aren't Fully Vaccinated Against COVID With Non-FDA Approved Vaccine - 7/20/2022

Judge Blocks Biden's LGBTQ Guidance That Allows Transgender In Girls' Sports And Bathroom Access - 7/17/2022

Dems Poised To Pull Free Lunches From Christian School That Refuses To Obey LGBT Mandates - 8/4/2022

Here We Go: Biden Regime Plans To Extend Covid-19 Public Health Emergency Once Agains Beyond The Midterm Elections - 8/6/2022

Biden & Dems Rhetoric About SCOTUS Decision Raises Concerns - 6/23/2022

Meet Joe Biden's National Monkeypox Response Deputy Coordinator... - 9/7/2022

Joe Biden Vows To Shut Down Coal Plants 'All Across America,' Joe Manchin Fires Back With Stern Counterattack: 'It Is Time He Learn A Lesson' - 11/5/2022

White House Walks Back Biden's Remarks About Shutting Down Coal Plants After Manchin Nuked Him - 11/5/2022

Rep. Mary Miller: Biden Administration Using Taxpayer Money For Children's Sex-Change Surgery - 12/1/2022

Why Is Biden Pushing A Gay Agenda On Foreign Nations? - 12/7/2022

Tucker Carlson Rips Biden For 'Drag Show' 'Distraction' At White House Amid 'Multiple World Historic Crises' - 12/13/2022

Biden Admin Used Taxpayer Money To Pay Foreign Reporters To 'Promote Climate Alarmism Around The World' - 12/21/2022

Biden Admin Quietly Admits Canceling keystone Pipeline Killed Thousands Of Jobs And Billions Of Dollars - 1/6/2023

Texas, Oklahoma Sue Biden Admin Over Rule That 'Unlawfully Delegates' Authority To The WHO - 1/18/2023

Joe Biden Is Secretly Trying To Change HIPAA Rules To Promote Abortion Nationwide - 2/15/2023

Biden Admin Officials Worked Closely With Climate Group Chaired By Massive Dem Donor, Emails Show - 2/19/2023

Susan Rice Takes Over Our Federal Government For 'Equity' - 2/21/2023

The Brief: Toxic Train Disaster Underscores The incompetence Of Biden's 'Woke' Administration - 2/21/2023

"Xi Jinping And Putin Know, There Are No Consequences Under The Joe Biden Presidency" - Kash Patel On Why The Word "Nuclear" Is Now In The Mainstream - 2/23/2023

DAVID BLACKMON: Biden's Energy Secretary Casually Reveals That She Wants To Control Our Decisions - 4/1/2023

Leo Hohmann: Biden Regime Leading All Nations Into Global Beast System That Would Require Compliance With Digital Health Tyranny Enforced By U.N. World Health Organization - 4/14/2023

Biden Administration Hiking Mortgage Fees For Americans With Good Credit To Subsidize Home Buyers With Bad Credit - 4/20/2023

Former Obama Housing Commissioner Slams Biden Rule That WIll Raise Mortgage Fees To Subsidize Low-Income Buyers - 4/21/2023

Biden Creats Office Of Environmental Justice Requiring All Federal Agencies To Address 'Disproportionate Environmental Harms Often Due To A Legacy Of Racial Discrimination' - 4/21/2023

"Racism Is A Fundamental Driver Of Environmental Injustice" - Joe Biden Signs Executive order Requiring All Federal Agencies To Prioritize "Environmental Justice" ANd Trashes "MAGA Republicans" During Speech (VIDEO) - 4/21/2023

'There's No Such Thing As Someone Else's Child!' Biden Faces Fierce Backlash Over Bizarre Claim: 'Our Nation's Children Are All Our Children!- 4/24/2023

Biden Regime Approves Nation's First 'Congestion Pricing' Tolling Plan For New York - Drivers Entering Manhattan At Peak Hours Will Be Charged - 5/5/2023

Biden Regime Escalates War On Household Appliances To Advance "Climate Change" Agenda - Releases Crippling Rules Targeting Dishwashers - Crackdowns ON Washers, Dryers And Refrigerators Also Under Consideration - 5/8/2023

Biden: I'm Making It "Mandatory" For Airlines To Compensate Passengers For Delayed Or Canceled Flights With Free Meals, Hotels, Taxis... On Top Of The Cost Of Refunding Your Ticket (VIDEO) - 5/8/2023

Biden Admin Pushed Out $182 Billion Worth Of Regulations In A Single Week - 5/8/2023

'Contradiction Of Title IX': Experts Sound Alarm Over Biden Effort To Rewrite Key Civil Rights Law - 5/21/2023

Biden Admin Says School District Can't Remove Sexually Explicit Books Because It Violates Students' Civil Rights - 5/22/2023

Biden Admin Ridiculed After Government Accountability Office Reportedly Bans Male, Female Terms: 'Forcing A Woke Ideology Down Our Throats' - 5/29/2023

Here We Go: White House Upholds Mask Requirment For Unvaccinated 'College Athlete Day' Guests Despite National Emergency Termination - 6/10/2023

Biden Hangs LGBTQI+ Flag On Par With American Flag At White House "Pride" Month Celebration - 6/10/2023

'Disgraceful': White House Flies 'Progress Pride Flag' At Largest LGBTQ Event Ever Held At South Lawn, Biden Calls Attendees 'Bravest And Most Inspiring People' - 6/11/2023

CLANCY: The White House's 'Easy Button' Is Allowing Presidential Power To Surge And Making Congress Obsolete - 6/11/2023

After White House's "Pride" Display Goes Viral - President Biden Accused Of 1 Major Violation - 6/12/2023

Joe Biden To Group Of LGBTQ+ Supporters: This Is Most Courageous Gropu "I've Seen In Anytime In The Recent Past: ...Forgets 13 Military Members Murdered By Terrorists While Protecting Airport In Hostile Afghanistan With No Support [VIDEO] - 6/12/2023

House GOP Rejects Socialist Morgage Rule, But That Won't Stop Biden From Taking Your Money For 'Equity" - 6/30/2023

Energy Inducstry Fears Biden To Declare Climate Emergency, Seize Powers Like COVID Pandemic - 7/30/2023

Biden May Declare A 'National Climate Emergency' To Further The Green New Deal By Non-Democratic Means: 'Just Like COVID' - 8/21/2023

Biden's 'Unlawful Food Stamp Expansion' Is Driving 'Massive Spikes In Grocery Prices': Report - 8/25/2023

What Will America Be Like Under Biden's Digital Dollar? Look At Communist China - 9/6/2023

Report: Biden's $42B Internet Investment Meant To Expand Access For Underserved Areas Primarily Favors Left-Wing Regions - 9/15/2023

Biden Evades The Constitution By Letting Failed Nominees Be De Facto Agency Heads - 10/6/2023

3 Of The Trans People Eulogized By Biden Admin Died Attacking Innocent Strangers - 11/21/2023

Targeting Costly Meds, biden Admin Asserts Authority To Seize Certain Drug Patents - 12/6/2023

Biden Admin Threatens To Seize Taxpayer-Funded Drug Patents if Pharmaceutical Companies Set Prices Too High - 12/7/2023

Jill Biden's 'Hunger Games' Themed Christmas Video Is An Abomination - 12/14/2023

Editor Daily Rundown: Jill Lets Bigoted Radicals Dance All Over The White House For Christmas - 12/15/2023

White House Scrapes Money From Across The Government To Fund Climate Jobs Training Program - 12/19/2023

'Climate Solutions': Biden Admin Sent 65 Million condoms Abroad As Part Of 'Family Planning' Program - 12/27/2023

Leo Hohmann: Biden Regime Expanding Intrusive Facial Recognition Scans To All 430 'Federalized' Airports - 2/3/2024

Cattle Crisis As Production Plummets to Decades-Low Level, Rancher Warns: 'Biden Policies Hurting America's Cattlemen,' Consumers Going To Pay The Price - 2/10/2024

Meet The Biden Official Making Six Figures To Travel The Globe Pushing Transgenderism - 3/4/2024

Biden Declares 2024 Easater Sunday Date As 'Transgender Day Of Visibility' - 3/30/2024

In Your Face: Biden Triples Down On Transgender Day Of Visibility with New Statement After White House Releases Biden Comments On Easter - 3/31/2024

Biden Admin Stands By 'Transgender Day Of Visibility' On Easter Aid Backlash- 3/31/2024

Nobody Believes Biden's Transgender Celebration On Easter Was A Coincidence - 4/2/2024

Rachel Levine Mocks Critics Who Slammed Biden For Celebrating 'Transgender Day Of Visibility' On Easter - 4/2/2024