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Joe & Hunter Biden: Administrative Policies Resembling Fascism: Weaponizing Big Tech & Government Groups

White House ADMITS It's Colluding With BIG TECH To Censor YOU?

White House Urges Social Media To Universally Ban Every User Biden Doesn't Like - 7/17/2021

BREAKING: Biden's 'Personal Gestapo' Demands Big Tech Turn In Publishers Of COVID 'Misinformation' - 3/4/2022

13 States Bring Legal Action Against Biden - They're Demanding FBI Records Of Surveillance On American Parents - 3/4/2022

Republican Attorneys General Sue Joe Biden For Colluding With Big Tech To Censor Information On Hunter's 'Laptop From Hell' And Covid - 5/5/2022

Louisiana, Missouri AGs File Suit Against Biden Admin Officials For 'Colluding' With Big Tech - 5/6/2022

Buttigieg Says Feds Have Power To Force Airlines To Hire More Workers Amid Travel Delays - 6/19/2022

Missouri Attorney General Files Landmark Lawsuit Against Biden For Colluding With Big Tech - Evidence From The Gateway Pundit Plays Major Role In Case - 6/22/2022

Biden Signs Executive Order Creating Abortion 'Task Force' - Makes Obscene Comparison To Civil Rights Movement - 7/11/2022

Subpoenas Going To Return 'Treasure Trove' Of Documents From Biden Administration: Louisiana AG - 8/1/2022

The FBI Raided Trump Because He's A Threat To The Deep State - 8/9/2022

EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden Enlists China Owned TikTok To Partner With Federal Voting Assistance Program In 2022 Midterm Elections - 8/20/2022

Op-Ed: Today's Leftists Employ Disturbingly Familiar Tactics - 8/13/2022

Memos EXPOSE Biden Admin's Role In Trump Criminal Probe - 8/24/2022

At Democrats' Bidding, Google And Yelp Censor Searches For Life-Saving Pregnancy Centers - 8/29/2022

We Have The Emails: Internal Records Prove Biden Admin Colluded With Facebook, Twitter To Censor Users - 9/1/2022

White House Asked Meta To Remove Fauci Parody Account. Meta Responded In Less Than 60 Seconds. - 9/1/2022

Over 50 Biden Administration Employees, 12 US Agencies Involved In Social Media Censorship Push: Documents - 9/1/2022

CAUGHT RED-HANDED - Missouri AG Schmitt's Lawsuit Against Biden Admin With TGP As Plaintiff REVEALS GOVERNMENT-WIDE 'CENSORSHIP ENTERPRISE'! - 9/1/2022

Judge Slams Fauci, Jean-Pierre: You Have 21 Days To Turn Over Emails - 9/7/2022

Bombshell: DOJ Conceals Records About Biden's Use Of Federal Agencies To Influence Elections - 9/12/2022

Fauci And The U.S. Gov't Are Being SUED For Colluding With Big Tech To Silence Lockdown Skeptics - 10/3/2022

With New Documents, The Biden Administration's Targeting Of A Pro-Life Dad Just Got Crazier - 10/4/2022

Biden Admin Recruits TikTok Invludencers To Combat 'Misinformation' - 10/9/2022

The FACE Act Is Unconstitutional. It's Past Time Congress Got Rid Of It - 10/28/2022

WATCH: Martha McCallum GRILLS John Kirby On Why The WH Is Treating Apple One Way And Twitter Another - 12/1/2022

FBI Sent Scrambling By Republican Accusation - Jim Jordan's Whistleblowers Just Struck Again - 12/1/2022

Press Sec Claims Gov Does Not Collude WIth Social Media, Here's What Jen Psaki Said A Year Ago - 12/13/2022

Top Biden Official Pushed Big Tech To Censor 'Misinformation' On Trans 'Care' For Minors, Video Shows - 12/27/2022

Elon Musk Says Biden Admin May 'Weaponize Federal Agencies' Against Twitter If Trump Starts Tweeting Again - 1/18/2023

Judge Orders Biden DHS To Release Files On Agents Who Allegedly Helped Censor Election 'Misinformation' - 1/25/2023

Report: Biden Administration And Big Tech Adapting Military-Grade AI To Silence Americans Worried About Vaccine Side Effects - 1/26/2023

Biden's DOJ Blocks National Archives From Speaking On Biden's Classified Docs - Allowed It For Trump's Docs - 2/1/2023

Watchdog Files A Complaint That Shows The REAL Reason Biden Admins Killed The Pipeline - 2/1/2023

The Biden Administration Is Colluding With Corporate Censors To Blacklist Dissidents - 2/10/2023

Leaked ATF Documents Reveal The Biden Regime's Scheme To Close Gun Stores Across The Country - 2/19/2023

'Zero Tolerance': The Biden Admin Is Allegedly Sutting Down Gun Stores For Minor Clerical Errors - 2/24/2023

New Report Ties Biden Regime Funding To The Internaional Fund For Public Interest Media to Censor And Silence Alternative Media - 3/6/2023

Biden Nominates Federal Prosecutor With Massive Conflict Of Interest Over Biden Family Corruption - 3/22/2023

Report: Senior White House Adviser Pressed Dem Allies To Promote Biden's Speech On TikTok As Her Old Firm Got Hired To Lobby For The China-Linked Company - 3/30/2023

Report: Biden Administration Was Involved In FBI Raid On Mar-A-Lago - 4/12/2023

Biden Administration Sued For Covering Up Communications Involving "Non-Binary" Daughter Of Interior Cabinet Secretary (VIDEO) - 4/18/2023

Senior IRS Agent Blows Whistle Alleging Biden DOJ Thwarting Criminal Prosecution Of Hunter Biden - 4/19/2023

Biden's Nomination For Secretary Of Labor Never Owned A Business And Lost $31 Billion In California In Faudulent Unemployement Benefits - 4/22/2023

Biden Administration Appoints Ford EV Lobbyist Amid Controversy - 4/26/2023

Meet The Violent Anarchist Behind DHS's 'Pyramid Of Far-Right Radicalization' Scandal - 6/1/2023

Southern Poverty Law Center Director Who Added Conservative Parent Organizations To "Hate Group Map" Met With Biden Counterterrorism Officials - 6/11/2023

Trump Calls Out Weaponized Federal Agencies For Waging 'Illegal Psychological Warfare Campaigns Against The American People' - 6/13/2023

'Soviet Style Intimidation': Armed IRS Agents Raid, Close Gun Shop, US Lawmaker Says - 6/17/2023

Biden Administration 'Colluded' With Big Tech To Censor Americans, House Lawmakers Report Says - 6/26/2023

Biden Admin Grew Censorship Complex To Silence True But Inconvenient 'Malinformation,' House Committee Shows - 6/27/2023

Left's Reaction To Biden Admin Social Media Case Shows Their True Position On Free Speech, Ben Shapiro Says - 7/5/2023

Biden Administration To Appeal Judge's Order Blocking Contact With Social Media Companies - 7/5/2023

Judge Bars Biden Press Secretary From Flagging Posts For Big Tech To Censor, Two Years After Admin Bragged About It - 7/5/2023

CNBC Hosts Argue Over Biden Censoring Social Media: 'If It Was A Different Administration, You Might Have A Different Take' - 7/6/2023

One Day After Free Speech Ruling, State Department Reportedly Cancels Facebook Meeting About 2024 Election - 7/6/2023

Professional Censors Are Furious That A Federal Court Stopped The Biden Admin From Suppressing Speech - 7/6/2023

Judge's Injunction On Biden Censorship Operation Is More Far-Reaching Than Initially Reported - 7/6/2023

Biden AI Chair Champions Regulation And Mandated Gov Intervention For 'Inclusivity' - 7/9/2023

Judge Maintains Ban On Fed Censorship Communication with Social Media - 7/10/2023

Biden Continues To Weaponize Law Enforcement Against Trump - 7/14/2023

Biden's New Official Overseeing Workplace Discrimination Has A Long History Of Supporting Discrimination - 7/16/2023

Biden's Top Pick For Cyber Security Czar Champions Diversity Quotas And Unconscious Bias Training - 7/17/2023

DOJ Quietly Removes Child Sex Trafficking Info From Website, Sparking Concern Biden Admin Is Deprioritizing Crime: Report - 7/18/2023

Border Patrol Sector Chief Get Brutal News Hours After Turning Whistleblower, House Oversight Announces Retaliation Probe - 7/23/2023

After DOJ Tries To Give Texas A Direct Order - Governor Abbott Sends Back A Brutal Response - 7/25/2023

Emails: Biden White House Pressured Big Tech Censors To Remove Vaxx Memes, Tucker Carlson Videos - 7/27/2023

Biden White House Asked Facebook To Tweak Algorithm To Push Mainstream Over Conservative News: Memo - 8/3/2023

PROOF: White House Targeted Daily Wire - 8/3/2023

Blinken Roasted Over Statement Condemning Russia Convictig Opposition Leader Navalny On "Politically Motivated Charges" While Biden Admin Persecutes Trump - 8/5/2023

Kayleigh McEnany Questions DOJ's Independence After New York Times Reveals Biden's Wish For AG To Prosecute Trump Just Prior To Multiple Indictments - 8/7/2023

Facebook Doubted Accuracy Of Influential 'Disinformation' Study White House Used To Push Censorship, Emails Show - 9/6/2023

Appeals Court Upholds Decision Barring Biden Admin From Colluding With Big Tech To Censor - 9/8/2023

Biden Officials Likely Violated First Amendment On Social Media: 5th Circuit Court - 9/9/2023

Appeals Court Rules Biden Officials Violated First Amendment In Social Media Censorship Case - 9/9/2023

Biden Admin Grants More Funds To Disinformation Researcher Who Celebrated Censorship Of Hunter Laptop Story - 9/14/2023

Joe Biden's 'TikTok Army' Received Hundreds Of Thousands From George Soros To Push Left-Wing Causes, Bash Conservatives - 9/16/2023

GOP-Led Probes, Court Rulings Have Throttled The Biden Admin's Ability To Fund The Censorship Industry - 9/23/2023

IRS Accused Of Revenge-Targeting Conservative Group That Exposed Biden Admin Nominees - 11/6/2023

Biden's Plan To Control EVERY ASPECT Of The Internet EXPOSED - 11/7/2023

Navy SEAL Who Is Fighting Against Radical Gender Ideology, CRT, And Vaccine Tyranny Is Under Investigation For Alleged Ties to "Extremist Group" - 11/18/2023

White House Program Enabling Mass Phone Surveillance Of Americans Could Be Illegal, Lawmaker Says - 11/20/2023

THEY'RE COMING AFTER YOU: Biden DOJ Targets Trump Supporters On Twitter - Demands List Of All Users Who Retweeted, Liked, or Mentioned President Trump's Twitter Account - 11/29/2023

Biden's DOJ Demanded Info On 'All Users' Who Interacted WIth Trump's Twitter Account - 11/29/2023

Biden Wants To Seize Patents Of Pricey Drugs And Use Government To Make Them Cheaper - 12/7/2023

Biden Campaign Brings Reporters To Campaign HQ For Off-The-Record Scoldings - But The New York Times Doesn't Take It: Report - 1/8/2024

Biden's Campaign Doesn't 'Brief' The Media, It Colludes With Them - 1/9/2024

Biden White House Successfully Pressured Amazon to Censor And Suppress Books: Emails - 2/6/2024

Biden's Amazon BOOK BAN And 13 MORE Times The Left Accused The Right Of Doig What THEY'Re Doing - 2/6/2024

Biden's DOJ Awards University Nearly $1M To Ccreate 'Disinformation' Dashboard To Help Track, Crb 'Violent Extremism' - 2/21/2024