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State Department Viewed Burisma Lobbying Campaign As 'Aggressive, Threatening, Bullying' - 12/7/2020

Biden's DOJ Pushing For Hunter's Former Business Partner To Go To Prison Days Before His 'Bombshell Testimony,' Comer: 'This IS Obstruction Of Justice' - 7/30/2023

'It's Odd': DOJ Reportedly Working Overtime To Send Key Hunter Biden Witness To Prison - 7/30/2023

DOJ Asks Judge To Set Sentencing Date For Hunter Biden's Former Business Partner Ahead Of Testimony - 7/30/2023

Comer Statement On Devon Archer's Testimony - 7/31/2023

Hunter Biden Sold 'Illusion' Of Access to His Father, Former Associate Testifies - 7/31/2023

Devon Archer Tells Congress Burisma Pressured Hunter Biden To Deal With Ukrainian Prosecutor - 7/31/2023

Devon Archer Told House Oversight Joe And Hunter Biden Spoke 'More Than 20 Times' About Business, Rep Says - 7/312023

Devon Archer's Testimony Shows 'Real Quid Pro Quo' In Ukraine Was Joe Biden, Comer Says - 7/31/2023

Devon Archer Testifies Hunter Was On Burisma's Board Due To Joe Biden's 'Value' - 7/31/2023

Devon Archer Confirms Joe Biden Was Called 'My Guy' By Hunter Biden - 7/31/2023

BREAKING: James Comer Says Hunter's Ex-Partner Devon Archer's Testimony Confirms 'Joe Biden Lied' - Joe Was 'The Brand' - 7/31/2023

Archer Testimony Reveals Joe Biden's Story About Hunter Is 'Not Accurate,' Jordan Says - 7/31/2023

Democrat Demands Release Of Devon Archer Transcript. GOP-Led Panel Responds. - 8/1/2023

Evidence Of Biden Burisma Corruption Is Overwhelming - 8/1/2023

Dems' Favorite Taling Point About Devon Archer's Testimony has One Glaring Flaw- 8/1/2023

Burisma Bidwigs And Hunter Biden 'Called DC' To Resolve Issue Of Ukrainian Prosecutor Looking Into Corruption: Devon Archer - 8/1/2023

Hunter Biden Warned Devon Archer About Potential FARA Violations Right Before Taking Burisma Board Seat, Emails Show - 8/1/2023

Tucker Sits Down With Hunter Biden's Business Associate Devon Archer - 8/2/2023

Joe Biden Wrote Personal Letter To Devon Archer In Early Days Of Business Partnership With Hunter - 8/2/2023

Devon Archer Appears To Confirm Hunter Biden's Involvement In Ukrainian Oligarch's Visa Scheme - 8/2/2023

Biden Investigation: Ful Devon Archer Testimony Released - 8/3/2023

Biden Family 'Brand' Made People 'Intimidated To Mess With' Burisma, Devon Archer Testified - 8/3/2023

Reporter Calls Out Rep. Dan Goldman Over Archer Testimony Claim - 8/3/2023

Devon Archer Testimony Confirms Detials From FBI Form That Contains Biden Bribery Allegations - 8/3/2023

Joe Biden Attended Dinner With Burisma Executive In DC, Devon Archer Testified - 8/3/2023

Dem Rep Invokes Trump's Kids While Questioning Hunter Biden's Former Business Partner - 8/3/2023

Devon Archer Says Kazakn Oligarch Wired Hunter Money For A Luxury Car Around The Time He Met Joe Biden In DC - 8/3/2023

Biden Business Partner Reveals More Details On Family's Schemes - 8/4/2023

'He Was A Threat': Devon Archer Says Ukrainian Prosecutor Joe Biden Got Fired Was Going After Burisma's Business - 8/4/2023

Devon Archer Says It's 'Categorically False' Joe Biden Didn't Know About Hunter's Business Dealings - 8/4/2023

Democratic Rep. Goldman Doubles Down On False Talking Point From Devon Archer Testimony - 8/7/2023

Burisma Was Told To Remove Picture Of Joe Biden And Devon Archer From Its Webiste, Emails Show - 8/8/2023

"I Never Talked Business With Anybody!" - Joe Biden Snaps At Peter Doocy Over Hunter Biden-Devon Archer Question (VIDEO) - 8/9/2023

Biden Investigation: Oversight Committee Releases New Hunter Bank Memo SHowing Payments From Foreign Oligarchs - 8/9/2023

The Biggest Question From Devon Archer's Testimony About The Biden Family Remains Unanswered - 8/10/2023

Peter Doocy Reveals What WH Did After Biden Insulted Him - Then Law Professor Explains How It Could 'Magnify' Biden's Problems - 8/11/2023

Devon Archer Appeared To Meet With Then-Secretary Of State John Kerry Leading Up To Ukrainian Prosecutor's Ouster - 8/28/2023