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Joe & Hunter Biden: Hunter Biden: Special Prosecutor Weiss

Merrick Garland Appoints David Weiss As Special Counssel In Hunter Biden Investigation - 8/11/2023

In Major Escalation, Delaware Federal Prosecutor Named Special Counsel To Investigate Biden Family - 8/11/2023

Jonathan Turley Rips Merrick Garland's Delay In Appointing Special Cousel To Investigate Hunter Biden - 8/11/2023

Attorney For IRS Whistleblower Says Appointing David Weiss As Special Counsel Is Slap In The Face To Americans - 8/11/2023

'I Don't Trust It': 2024 GOP Primary Field Responds To Special Counsel Appointment In Hunter Biden Probe - 8/11/2023

'The Bidens Are Being Protected': GOP Rep. Pat Fallon Reacts To Speical Counsel Appointment In Hunter Biden Probe - 8/11/2023

Garland's Special Counsel Gambit Confirms Hunter Investigation Was Alwyas Shady - 8/11/2023

CBS Reporter Makes Critical Observation About The Timing, Political Remifications Of David Weiss' Special Counsel Appointment - 8/11/2023

Jan. 6 Committee Precedent Count be A Boon For Republicans In Hunter Biden Probe - 8/14/2023

Weiss Appointment As Hunter Biden Special Counsel Violates DOJ Regulatios, Experts Warn - 8/14/2023

'Very Suspicious': CNN Panel Raises All The Right Questions About David Weiss' Sudden Special Counsel Appointment - 8/14/2023

Glenn 'CAN'T GET PAST THIS' About New Special Counsel In Hunter Biden Case - 8/14/2023

CNN Analyst Says Hunter Probe Takes Away Biden's Moral High Ground - 8/14/2023

6 Takeaways From The Hunter Biden Special Counsel APpointment You Won't Hear From Big Media - 8/15/2023

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Special Counsel Investigating Hunter Biden Changed His Mind About Plea Deal Before It Blew Up In Court: Report - 8/19/2023

Weiss Wasn't Going To Charge Hunter Biden Until Whistleblowers Came Forward: Report - 8/20/2023

Before Investigating Hunter Biden, Prosecutor Worked With Brother Beau - 8/20/2023

In Biden Probe, Special Counsel David Weiss Makes The Cowardly lion Look Heroic - 8/21/2023

Hunter Biden Special Counsel Appointment Is A Blatant Act Of Corruption - 8/22/2023

Appointing Weiss Is Just Part Of DOJ's Plan To Save Face In The Scandalous Hunter Biden Investigation - 8/24/2023

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Attorney Weiss Colluded With DOJ To Thwart Congressional Questioning, Emails Show - 8/28/2023

House Committees Demand DOJ Turn Over Documents Releated To David Weiss' Special Counsel Appointment - 8/28/2023

Did Weiss's Office Ignore Pretrial Diversion Policy To Cut Hunter's Sweetheart Deal? DOJ Is Hiding The Answer - 8/31/2023

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Lies About 'Highly Credible' Source Claims Were Leaked To NYT And Spoonfed To Weiss - 9/5/2023

David Weiss Says He'll Indict Hunter Biden. The Final Part Of The Cover-UP Begins. - 9/12/2023

FBI Agent Trying To Discredit Whistleblower Testimony Blew His Own Credibility In Covering For Weiss - 9/13/2023

Hunter Biden Investigation: Third IRS Official Says Justice Department Blocked Weiss From Charging - 9/21/2023

David Weiss Appeared To Violate DOJ Policy by Sending Letters To Congress, Emails Show - 10/3/2023

David Weiss Drops One Gun Charge Count Against Hunter Biden - 10/5/2023

David Weiss' Office Ignored Thoroughly Vetted Evidence Of Biden Corruption - 10/30/2023

Top Prosecutor Undercuts Garland, Says Weiss Needed DOJ Approval To Bring Hunter Biden Tax Charges - 11/1/2023

Hunter Biden Prosecutor Sought Special Charging Status In 2022 But Didn't Get It, Jim Jordan Says - 11/7/2023

David Weiss Gives More Conflicting Testimony About His Authority To Charge Hunter Biden - 11/10/2023

Willfully Blind David Weiss Pinky Promises Political Favoritism Didn't Affect Hunter Biden Probe - 11/13/2023

Lawsuit: David Weiss, DOJ Are Withholding Records On Hunter Biden's Alleged Sex-Trafficking Crimes - 12/13/2023

Special Counsel Indictment Looks Just As Bad For David Weiss As The Charged FBI Informant - 2/16/2024