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The Squad: Ilhan Omar

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Ilhan Omar Claims Her Obama Comments Were Distorted, But Newly Released Evidence Reveals The Truth - 3/9/2019

Confirmed: Birth Date Of Ilhan Omar's Brother-Husband On Wedding Certificate Matches His School Records - 7/16/2019

REPORT: Ilhan Omar's Father And Other Somalian War Crimes Perpetrators Now Living Illegally In The US - 7/16/2019

SHE'S TOAST: Latest Report By David Steinberg Describes Ilhan Omar's 8 Instances Of Perjury - Could Face 40 Years In Prison Or Deportation - 7/18/2019

Journalist Travels To Ilhan Omar's Homeland To Prove Somalia Is Beautiful, Debunk 'Stereotypes' - Gets Killed By Islamic Terrorists - 7/19/2019

BREAKING: ILHAN OMAR SUPPORTERS Caught Threatening, Attempting "To Dox A Somali WhistleBlower" Who Revealed Ilhan's Crimes - 7/22/2019

Ilhan Omar Told Somali Immigrant: Why Don't We Deport You Back To "Where Ever You Came From" - 7/24/2019

Media Pounces On Edited Video Of Ilhan Omar's Comments Against White Men - But The Unedited Version Is Worse - 7/25/2019

Dem Rep. Ilhan Omar Shares Disgusting Tweet Praising Senator Rand Paul's Attacker, His Office Responds To Her 'Anti-American Beliefs' - 7/29/2019

Top "Squad" Dem's Secret Arrest Will FINISH Her Career - 7/26/2019

More Lies...Ilhan Omar Responds To Deleted Tweet With Father's Real Name - Lies To Reporter - 9/17/2019

Ted Cruz Takes Ilhan Omar to School After She Picks Fight Over Columbus Statue - 6/12/2020

Airline Passengers Sing Christian Worship Songs Throughout Cabin.  Rep. Ilhan Omar Is Upset, Prompting Social Media To Ask, 'Why Do You Hate Christians?' - 4/18/2022

Pastor Mocked By Ilhon Omar For Worshipping God Reponds In Powerful Way - 4/24/2022

Far-Left Squad Member Ilhan Omar Booed Relentlessly At Somali Concert In Minneapolis: 'Go Home!' - 7/4/2022

Kevin McCarthy Vows To Boot Ilhan Omar From Committee Assignment Over 'Antisemitic And Anti-American' Remarks - 11/20/2022

Ilhan Omar Complains 'Far Right Insurrectionists' Won Over McCarthy During Speaker Battle - 1/8/2023

House Republicans Pass Resolution To Remove Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar From Foreign Affairs Committee - 2/2/2023

A Blow To Brotherly Love - BREAKING: Republicans Remove Leftist Radical Ilhan Omar From House Foreign Affairs Committee - 2/2/2023

The Media Keep Lying To Protect Ilhan Omar - 2/2/2023

FACT CHECK: Ilhan Omar's Anti-Semitic Tropes 'Were Clearly And Unequivocally Condemned by House Democrats' - 2/2/2023

'I Can't Believe You Asked That': McCarthy Shuts Down Reporters For Pushing Dem Narrative On Rep. Ilhan Omar's Committee Removal - 2/3/2023

MSNBC Host Admits Inconvenient Truth About Omar Being Removed From Committee: 'That Is Where It Started' - 2/3/2023

Outraged Over Ilhan Omar's Ouster, The 'Democracy Defenders' Can't Even Denounce THIS (VIDEO) - 2/3/2023

Ilhan Omar Goes Viral Over Easily Disprovable Weather Claim - But Sen. Mike Lee Exposes The More Glaring Problem - 7/18/2023

Ilhan Oman Blasted As A Racist For 'Disgusting' Remarks About White Men: 'She Should Be Removed From Congress' - 7/30/2023

THIS Anti-White Statement By Ilhan Omar Should Have ENDED Her Career - 8/18/2023

Rep. Ilhan Omar Represents Everything Wrong With America's Immigration System - 1/30/2024

Calls Grow For Ilhan Omar To Be Expelled From Congress After She Says She's Advocating For Her Homeland Of Somalia - 1/30/2024

Ron DeSantis Calls For Ilhan Omar To Be Denaturalize And Deported From US - 1/30/2024

El Salvadoran President Coolly Brushes Off Ilhan Omar's Election Meddling, Then Flips Her Critique - 2/1/2024

Ilhan Omar Caught On Tape Saying Who Her 'Real' President Is - 2/1/2024

Can The US Really Strip Ilhan Omar Of Her Citizenship? - 2/1/2024