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The Squad: Jamaal Bowman

Democrat Rep Reportedly Caught On Camera Pulling House Office Fire Alarm Ahead Of Continuing Resolution Vote - 9/30/2023

New York Democrat Under Investigation For Pulling Fire Alarm During Votes - 9/30/2023

Progressive 'Squad' Democrat Reportedly Caught On Video Pulling Fire Alarm To Delay Government Shutdown Vote, Republicans Call For His Arrest - 9/30/2023

Dem Rep Who Pulled Fire Alarm Before House Vote Previously Warned 'Catastrophic' Shutdown Would Put LIves At Risk - 9/30/2023

Rules Are Rules: Jamaal 'The Fire Alarm Guy' Bowman Is A Threat To Democracy - 9/30/2023

Now We're Talking: GOP Rep Moves To Expel Jamaal 'The Fire Alarm Guy' Bowman From Congress - 9/30/2023

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'Squad' Member Calls For US To Accept Some Of 1 Million Palestinian Refugees; Ron DeSantis Strongly Disagrees, Offers Solution - 10/14/2023

Bowman Charged Over Fire Alarm Incident - 10/25/2023

DC Court Issues Criminal Summons To Rep. Bowman For Pulling Fire Alarm - 10/25/2023

New Footage Throws Wrench Into Defense Of Dem Rep Who Pulled Capitol Fire Alarm - 10/26/2023

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'Squad' Member Blasted Over Resurfaced Remarks Defending Mural Of Notorious Anti-Semite - 3/14/2024