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Trump/MAGA: Fake News vs Facts: Media Claims, Attacks & Lies

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Leaks And Unnamed Sources Fuel Media's Plan To Destroy Trump - 3/5/2017

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Bombshell: At Least 1 Leak Every Day Is Occurring To Undermine Trump Administration - 7/7/2017

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CNN Tries To Fact Check Trump On COVID-19 Testing, Ends Up Falling Flat On Its Face - 3/20/2020

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Paper Slams NY Archbishop After He Touts Trump's Importance to Recovery Effort - 5/3/2020

'Worth' Electing Biden & 'Weakening The Voices' Of Sex Assault Victims If Trump Is Gone, Says NYT Op-Ed - 5/6/2020

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Throngs Of Democrats And Media Personalities Lie And Claim Trump Said The Jobs Report Was 'A Great Day For [George Floyd.]' Here's What He Actually Said. - 6/5/2020

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Trump Floats Delaying The Election, But He Can't Do That - 7/30/2020

WaPo Finally Admits Trump DIDN'T Incite Riots With Speech...'Planned In Advance' - 1/19/2021

Bezo/CIA's Washington Post Caught In Fake News Scandal - Trump Was Right Again - 3/16/2021

Inspector General Debunks Claims Made By Biden, Harris, Left-Wing Media Against Trump - 6/9/2021

MSNBC Reporter Claims 30 Million People 'Ready To Take Up Arms' For Trump, Remove Biden From Office - 12/13/2021

Law Enforcement Calls Into Question Low News Media Crowd Estimate For Trump's Georgia Rally - 3/29/2022

Media's Latest 'Smoking Gun' Against Trump Comes Crashing Down: 'There Are No Missing Pages' - 4/1/2022

New Audio: Did Trump Really Storm Out On Piers Morgan Interview? You Can Be The Judge - 4/22/2022

BREAKING: President Trump Announces He Will Sue CNN For "Repeated Defamatory Statements" Which Have "Defamed Me And Defrauded The Public Regarding The Overwhelming Evidence Of Fraud Throughout The 2020 Election" - 7/27/2022

Former Acting DNI Ric Grenell Sues Fired Government Employee For Defamation - 8/8/2022

Media Is Back To Anonymous, One-Source Stories On Trump That We Can't Trust Anymore - 8/15/2022

Media Running New 'Leaked Info' From Anonymous Sources That Trump Had Files On Foreign Nation's Nuclear Capabilites - 9/7/2022

House Democrats Introduce Legislation To Bar Trump From Office Under 14th Amendment - 12/15/2022

CRAZY: San Fanscisco Chronicle Reporter Shared That California GOP Are For DeSantis When Straw Poll Showed The Total Opposite - California Is SUPER MAGA - 4/19/2023

FOX News Cheap Shot Against President Trump Blows Up In Their Faces - Forced To Retract Article With Vulgar Made Up Quotes From Former Top Administration Official - 7/8/2023

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Trump Says Latest Indictment 'Has Awoken The World,' Generated Unprecedented Support - 8/2/2023

Bill Maher On Hunter Biden Scandals: If It Was Trump Jr. The Media Would Cover It 'Every Day' - 9/7/2023

No, John Kelly Reciting Media Talking Points About Fake Trump Story Isn't The Same As 'Confirmation' - 10/4/2023

Media Help Democrats Like Newsom Bash Judges But Lost Their Minds When Trump Did The Same - 10/23/2023

Trump Exonerated By Justice Dept. Inspector General After Years-Long Probe - 10/26/2023

Anti-Trump Media IGNORES The ACTUAL 'Dictator' Threat - 11/11/2023

WaPo, New York Times Make Dumb Fake News Out Of Very Perfect, Very True Trump Quote - 11/14/2023

Video: Joe Scarborough Declares, Without Evidence, That Trump 'Will Execute' And 'Will Impreson' People If He's Elected Again - 11/21/2023

CNN Guest Calls Out Selectively Edited Clip Of Trump Straight To Hosts Faces - 12/6/2023

Trump Rejects 'Threat-To-Democracy Hoax,' Says Biden Poses The 'Real' Danger - 12/10/2023

JD Vance Nukes Reporter With Perfect Response Over 'Absurd' Question Trying To Link Trump And Adolf Hitler - 12/20/2023

Trump Rejects Hitler Comparison, Defends Immigration Remarks In Radio Interview - 12/22/2023

MUST SEE: MSNBC Compares 'Mein Kampf' to Trump's Speech - 12/25/2023