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Trump/MAGA: Lawsuits: E. Jean Carroll Rape Case

- Trump ABC Defamation Lawsuit

Writer E. Jean Carroll Makes Sexual Assault Claims Against Trump And Moonves - 6/21/2019

Anderson Cooper Cuts To Commercial After Trump Accuser E. Jean Carroll Calls Rape 'Sexy' - 6/24/2019

Stunned Anderson Cooper Cuts To Commercial When Trump Accuser E. Jean Carroll Calls Rape "Sexy" - 6/25/2019

E. Jean Carroll Urges Judge To Block DOJ From Defending Trump In Defamation Case - 10/6/2020

Billionaire Dem Mega-Donor Bankrolling Trump Accuser's Rape Lawsuit Visited Epstein's Private Island - 3/3/2023

Trump Lawyers Granted Deposition Of Rape Accuser Amid Claims Of Ties To Democrat Funding, Questionable Credibility - 4/15/2023

Trump Accuser E. Jean Carroll Backed By Democrat Mega-Donor - 4/26/2023

Trump Rape Accuser E. Jean Carroll Admitted To Sexually Harassing Roger Ailes - Rolled Up Her Pant Legs For Him And Asked Him To Twirl - 4/27/2023

Billionaire Dem Mega-Donor Bankrolling Trump Accuser's Rape Lawsuit Visited Epstein's Private Island - 5/3/2023

LinkedIn Co-Founder Admits to Visiting Epstein's Private Island - 5/3/2023

Trump Accuser E. Jean Carroll Keeps Calling Rape 'Sexy', As Social Media Notices Her Story Matches A 2012 Law & Order Episode. - 5/3/2023

EPIC. President Trump Tells Liberal Prosecutor During Deposition That E. Jean Carroll Is Not His Type - "And Neither Are You" (VIDEO) - 5/5/2023

UPDATE: Here's More On The Unhinged Lesbian Attorney Trump Told, "You Wouldn't Be A Choice Of Mine, Either" (VIDEO) - 5/6/2023

Anal, Porn, & Trump And Brad Pitt Fantasies: E. Jean carroll' Facebook History Is Truly Bizarre. - 5/8/2023

Trump To Appeal Verdict In E Jean Carroll Civil Case, Says He Has 'Absolutely No Idea' Who She Is - 5/9/2023

Jury Holds Trump Liable For Battery, Defamation In E. Jean Carroll Case - 5/9/2023

Donald Trump Found Liable For Sexual Abuse, Defamation; E. Jean Carroll Awarded $5 Million - 5/9/2023

Judge Restricts Trump's Ability To Post Details About His Criminal Case - 5/9/2023

E. Jean Carroll's Original Claims About Trump Were Absurd, But That Didn't Stop The Media From Amplifying Them - 5/9/2023

"You Attack Trump, You Attack 75 Million Trump Supporters!" - Leo Terrell Torches Geraldo Rivera After Rivera Takes Cheap Shot Against President Trump And Defends E Jean Carroll Verdict (VIDEO) - 5/10/2023

Trump Takes First Steps To Appeal Battery, Defamation Verdict In E. Jean Carroll Case - 5/12/2023

Trump's Bid For New Trial In E. Jean Carroll Case Rejected - 7/19/2023

Judge Finds Trump Liable For Making Defamatory Statements About E. Jean Carroll - 9/6/2023

Trump Makes Another Presidential Immunity Defense Attempt In Defamation Case - 10/23/2023

Top Nikki Haley, E. Jean Carroll, & Fusion GPS Backer Was Epstein Island Visitor. - 1/6/2024

Trump Back In Court For E. Jean Carroll Case; Judge Denies Delay For Trump To Attend Mother-In-Law's Funeral - 1/16/2024

Judge Threatens to Kick Trump Out Of Court In E. Jean Carroll Trial - 1/17/2024

Judge Threatens to Toss Trump Out Of Courtroom During Defamation Trial; Trump Responds, 'I Would Love It' - 1/17/2024

'Expert' Who Claims Trump Cost E. Jean Carroll $12.1M Admits No Experience In Reputation Managment, Is Long-Standing Democrat Donor. - 1/18/2024

Clinton-Judge Delays E. Jean Carroll Trial Until Tuesday - Day Of New Hampshire Primary - 1/22/2024

Trump Takes Stand Briefly During E. Jean Carroll Defamation Trial - 1/25/2024

Trump Lawyer Says 'Experts Were Denied' By New York Judge - 1/28/2024

'She's A Wack Job! What's He Supposed To Say?': Megyn Kelly Unloads On Media Over E. Jean Carroll/Trump Case - 1/30/2024

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Signs Bill Extending What Forms Of Forced Sexual Activity Can Be Prosecuted As Rape - 1/30/2024

25 Reasons Trump Won't Pay A Dime To E. Jean Carroll - 2/2/2024

JUST IN: Clinton Judge Lewis Kaplan Rejects trump's Motion For Mistrial In E. Jean Carroll Case Even Though She Deleted Evidence Under Subpoena - 2/7/2024

Judge Gives E. Jean Carroll Opportunity To Object To Trump's $91 Million Bond During Appeal - 3/8/2024

Video Of E. Jean Carroll From 90's TV Show Reveals Deranged Woman Obsessed With Men And Sex - 4/12/2024