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Trump/MAGA: Indictments 2023: Federal Classified Documents

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent? Political World Ponders Motives For Trump Raid As Midterms Approach - 8/9/2022

Judge Who Reportedly Approved Mar-A-Lago Search Warrant Was Linked To Epstein, Donated To Obama - 8/9/2022

Former Trump Lawyer Finds 'Huge Revelation' On Page 6 Of 11th Circuit Decision - 9/24/2022

The Brief: It Was Okay For Bill Clinton to Keep Presidential Records, But Not Trump? - 9/28/2022

Report: Secret Service Agents Subpoenaed In Mar-A-Lago Case Ahead Of Trump's Arraignment - 4/4/2023

All Presidents Since Reagan Mishandled Classified Memos, Trump First Referred To DOJ, Archives Says - 5/19/2023

Trump Attorneys Seek Meeting With AG Garland Over 'Outrageous And Unlawful' Investigation - 5/23/2023

Trump Suggests Federal Charges Are Imminent After His Lawyers Meet With DOJ Officials - 6/5/2023

Feds Inform Trump He Is Target Likely To Be Indicted As DOJ Rebuffs Prosecutorial Misconduct Claim - 6/7/2023

Exclusive - Rep. Elise Stefanik: 'Baseless' National Archives Referral Led To Witch Hunt Against Trump - 6/7/2023

Trump Says The DOJ Has Indicted Him In 'DARK DAY' For The Country - 6/9/2023

Second Trump Indictment Is Proof Of Two-Tiered Justice System - 6/9/2023

FBI Official In Charge Of Mar-A-Lago Raid Said Feds Breached Protocol In Repeat Russia Collusion Hoax Fashion - 6/9/2023

Federal Criminal Indictment Against Trump Unsealed, 37 Counts - 6/9/2023

Trump Indictment Released: 37 Counts - Read The 49-Page Indictment Here - 6/9/2023

BREAKING: Trump Valet Who DOJ Attempted To Bribe, Indicted By Florida Grand Jury In Classified Docs Case - 6/9/2023

MORE GASLIGHTING: Federal Indictment Shows Boxes Of Documents Stored In Mar-A-Lago Bathroom - 6/9/2023

ESPN Analyst Stephen A. Smith Discuses Trump Indictment With Cuomo 'They Can't Beat Him Legitimately' (VIDEO) - 6/9/2023

Trump Indictment Fails Crucial Test: Dershowitz - 6/10/2023

Dershowitz: Dems Who Opposed 'Dangerous' And 'Unconstitutional' Espionage Act Now 'Rooting For It To Be Applied Broadly' - 6/10/2023

Former Top Department Of Justice Official Blows Up Jack Smith's Case Against President Trump With One Tweet - Notices Key Item On Third Page Of The Federal Indictment That Is "Grounds For Granting A Motion" To Dismiss - 6/10/2023

DEVELOPING: DOJ Must Respond To Complaint Filed By Trump Valet Attorney Alleging DOJ Prosecutor Tried To Bribe Him In Exchange For Client's Testimony Against Trump - 6/10/2023

REVEALED: Merrick Garland And Jack Smith Used Linguistic Tricks to Indict President Trump On Junk Documents Charges - 6/11/2023

Proof It Was A Setup? Trump Was 1st Potus In 40 Years Who Feds Didn't Help Archive Classified Docs, Attorneys Say - 6/12/2023

Trump Outlines Legal Defense In Post-Arraingment Speech: 'We Will Win Bigger Than Ever Before' - 6/13/2023

Federal Prosecutor In Trump Probe Reprimanded In Earlier Case For Secretly Recording Defense Lawyer - 6/13/2023

Trump Reads The Law Regarding Presidential Declassification Power - 6/13/2023

Tucker Carlson Declares In New Monologue That 'They're Trying To Take Trump Out Before You Can Vote For Him' - 6/13/2023

'Scant Criminal Trial Experience' - New York Times Launches Attack On Judge Aileen Cannon - 6/14/2023

Lawyer Who Lost Clinton "Socks Case" In 2012 Defends President Trump's Actions - 6/14/2023

Hillary Clinton Trashes Trump For Storing Classified Documents At Mar-A-Lago Following Federal Indictment (VIDEO) - 6/14/2023

Jack Smith Did It Again! Grand Jury Not Told About Clinton Socks Case Or Presidential Records Act - 6/14/2023

Newsmax Host Takes To Live TV To Show How Seized Trump Classified Docs Fit Into One Box: 'Something Isn't Adding Up' - 6/14/2023

Trump Indictment Timeline Reeks Of Deep State Information Operation - 6/14/2023

'Significant Portion' Of Trump Indictment Based On Protected Attorney-Client Privilege: Ex-Federal Prosecutor - 6/14/2023

Maddow: Trump Could Do A Plea Deal Vowing Not To Run For President Against To Avoid Jail Time - 6/14/2023

The DOJ And Special Counsel Jack Smith's Sordid History Of Weaponizing The Espionage Act - 6/15/2023

6 Reasons DOJ's 'Get Trump' Documents Case Is Seriously Flawed - 6/16/2023

Judge Blocks Trump From Sharing Evidence Relating To Classified Documents Case - 6/19/2023

Trump Classified Documents Trial Tentatively Set For Aug. 14 - 6/20/2023

Trump Aide Walt Nauta Pleads Not Gulity To Charges In Mar-a-Lago Classified Documents Case - 7/6/2023

Millions More Spent On Trump Investigations Than On Biden Document Probe, Records Show - 7/8/2023

ELECTION INTERFERENCE: Biden DOJ Seeks December Trail Date In Classified Docs Case - On Eve Of Iowa Republican Caucuses - 7/15/2023

Judge Announces Trial For Trump Classified Documents Case To Start May 2024 - 7/21/2023

Judge Aileen Cannon Sets Trump Trial Date For May 20, 2024 - 6 Mos. Before Election - For Jack Smith's Garbage Classified Documents Case - 7/21/2023

Third Person Charged In Trump Classified Documents Case - 7/27/2023

Former Trump AG Says Jack Smith Issued New Indictment 'To Punish' Former President - 7/28/2023

Trump: Mar-a_Lago Tapes 'Were Not Deleted' - 7/30/2023

Trump Slams Jack Smith After DOJ Admits It Did Not Produce All Mar-a-Lago Security Footage To Defense Counsel In First Batches Of Discovery - 8/1/2023

Jack Smith Admits Making False Claim To Court In Trump Case - 8/2/2023

Trump Says Latest Indictment 'Has Awoken The World,' Generated Unprecedented Support - 8/2/2023

Judge Demands Special Counsel Explain Why He Used DC Grand Jury In Trump Documents Case - 8/7/2023

Judge Aileen Cannon Blasts Jack Smith For Operating 'Out-Of-District' Secret Grand Jury In Blistering Order - 8/7/2023

Special Counsel Jack Smith Objects To Trump's Request For Secure Facility To Discuss Classified Documents - 8/15/2023

Judge Orders Sealed Hearing For Protective Order In Trump Classified Documents Case - 8/17/2023

Jack Smith Ends DC Grand Jury In Trump Documents Case After Challenge From Judge - 8/23/2023

JUST IN: Biden Staffers Met With Jack Smith's Office Just Weeks Before First Trump Indictment - 8/26/2023

Jack Smith Lies In Recent Leaks, Claims That Trump Allegedly Discussed "Potentially Sensitive" Nuclear Subs With Foreign National - 10/10/2023

Judge Admonishes DOJ For 'Wasting The Court's Time' In Trump Documents Case - 10/12/2023

Judge Cannon Admonishes Smith For Failing To Allow Trump Legal Team To View Docs In Florida - 10/19/2023

Judge In Trump Classified Documents Case Denies Request To Delay Trial For Now - 11/10/2023

Special Counsel Lets Biden Off Scot-Free In Classified Docs Case While DOJ Tries To Imprison Trump For The Same Thing - 11/16/2023

BREAKING: Trump Prosecutor, Jack Smith's Alleged Role In Extortion Scheme While At The International Court Of Justice Is Revealed - 12/13/2023

House Chair Files Ethics Complaint Against DC Judge Linked To Trump Case - 12/15/2023

Federal Judge In Trump Documents Case Sets Key Deadline - 12/27/2023

How Obama's Secrets Could Save Trump In His Mar-A-Lago Documents Snafu - 2/1/2024

Judge Cannon Rejects Jack Smith's Attempt To Keep Names Of Government Witnesses Secret, Discovery Material Under Seal - 2/7/2024

Federal Judge Sides With Trump, Allows More Time To File Motions - 3/12/2024

Judge Questions Why Trump Was Only President Charged Over Handling Of Classified Material - 3/14/2024

Judge Orders Witness Names To Remain Secret In Trump Classified Docs Case - 4/10/2024

Judges Denies Trump Codefendants' Motions To Dismiss Classified Docs Case - 4/18/2024

Judge Unseals Documents Showing FBI Discussed 'Loose Surveillance' Of Trump's Plane - 4/23/2024

Trump Raid Judge Finally Makes Her Move - She Just Revealed A Treasure Trove Of New Evidence - 4/23/2024

Unsealed Docs Expose Early Collaboration Between Archives, Biden White House In Trump Prosecution - 4/23/2024

Here Are The 3 Most Shocking Discoveries Just Unsealed In Trump Classified Docs Case - 4/24/2024

Judge Cannon Unseals Docs Alleging Jack Smith's Lead Prosecutor Threatened Trump Valet Attorney And Tried To Bribe Him IN Exchange For Client's Testimony Against Trump - 4/25/2024

Revealed: Court Document Release Indicates Jack Smith And FBI Were After Obama- And North Korea-Related Documents In Mar-A-Lago Raid - 4/25/2024