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Trump/MAGA: Lawsuits: Georgia - Election Interference: Fani Willis: Relationship With Prosecution

Fani Willis Allegedly Hired Lover As Special Prosecutor In Trump Case, Used State Funds For Lavish Vacations: Filing - 1/9/2024

Trump Defendant Alleges 'Improper' Relationship Between Georgia DA And Top Prosecutor - 1/9/2024

Georgia DA Pursuing Trump Gets Subpoenaed In Divorce Case Of Her Special Prosecutor - 1/10/2024

Fani Willis Suggests Racism Fueled Bombshell Allegations About Improper Relationship With Special Attorney - 1/12/2024

House Judiciary Committee Launches Inquiry Into Fani Willis' Special Trump Prosecutor - 1/12/2024

Jordan Launches Probe Into Nathan Wade, Alleged Lover Of Fulton County DA Willis - 1/12/2024

EXCLUSIVE: Contracts Show Fani Willis Offered Top RICO Expert Lower Hourly Rate Than her Alleged Lover In Trump Case - 1/15/2024

EXCLUSIVE: Fani Willis Falsely Claimed She Paid Her Alleged Lover The Same As Other Lawyers On Trump Case - 1/16/2024

The Tables Turn: Judge Orders Fulton County DA Fani Willis To Respond To Misconduct Allegations, Orders Court Date - 1/18/2024

Georgia Judge In Trump Case Orders Hearing Into Allegations Of Fulton County DA's Misconduct - 1/18/2024

Judge Schedules Hearing To Consider Fani Willis' Alleged 'Improper' Relationship With Special Prosecutor - 1/18/2024

Fani Willis Accuses Alleged Lover's Wife Of 'Interferin' With Trump Case - 1/18/2024

BREAKING: Nathan Wade's Estranged Wife Jocelyn Wade UNLEASHES On Fani Willis In Court Filing - AND PRODUCES THE RECEIPTS - BANK STATEMENTS INCLUDED - 1/19/2024

FANI FIGHTS BACK: DA Willis Attacks Ex-Wife Of Lover Nathan Wade After Stealing Her Man - Fani Now Accuses Former Wife Of "Interfering" With Her DOJ-Backed Trump Case - 1/19/2024

Fani Willis Desperately Lashes Out At Her Alleged Lover's Wife, Accusing Her Of 'Obstructing' Trump Prosecution - 1/19/2024

EXCLUSIVE: Fani Willis Handed Lucrative Contracts To Her Alleged Lover's Law Partner. It's Starting To Raise Eyebrows. - 1/19/2024

Fani Willis' Alleged Lover Paid For Plane Tickets In Her Name, Bank Statements Show - 1/19/2024

'Certainly Looks Bad': Bank Statements Make It Increasingly Likely Fani Willis Allegations Are True, Legal Experts Say - 1/19/2024

BREAKING: Judge Unseals Divorce Records Of Top Trump Prosecutor Nathan Wade After Bank Statements Show He Traveled With Fani Willis - 1/22/2024

Judge Unseals Goergia Prosecutor's Divorce Case As State Senate Plans Investigation Into Fani Willis - 1/22/2024

Fani Willis' Alleged Romantic Partner Moves To Reseal Parts Of Diverce Case - 1/29/2024

Georgia Prosecutor Settles Divorce Amid Scrutiny Over Alleged Relationship With DA Willis - 1/30/2024

Trump Prosecutor Nathan Wade Settles Divorce, Avoids Having To Testify About Relationship With Fani Willis - 1/30/2024

Fani Willis Confirms Relationship With Special Prosecutor On Trump Case - 2/2/2024

House GOP Subpoenas Fani Willis On The Day Of Her Home-Wrecking Admission; Georgia Takes 'First Step' Toward Her Impeachment - 2/2/2024

Trump Co-Defendant Says Fani Willis Lied About Relationship With Prosecutor In New Filing - 2/9/2024

Judge Says Fani Willis' Disqualification 'Possible' Given Evidence Presented By Trump Co-Defendant - 2/12/2024

Dershowitz Lays Out 'Issues' Within Willis' Alleged Misconduct, Questions 'Scope' That Could Lead To Criminal Charges - 2/13/2024

Everything We Know So Far About The Fani Willis Scandal - 2/14/2024

Fulton County Policy Suggests Both DA Willis, Wade Were Required To Disclose Relationship - 2/16/2024

'Systematic Misconduct': Defense Torches Democrat DA In Closing Arguments Of Fani Willis' Ethics Hearing - 3/1/2024

Fulton County Ethics Board Decides At Last Minute Not To HEar Fani Willis Complaint - 3/7/2024

Fulton County Board Says It Has No Jurisdiction Over Fani Willis Ethics Complaints - 3/7/2024

Judge Rules Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis Can Stay On Trump Election Interference Case - 3/15/2024

Judge Rules That Fani Willis Or Nathan Wade Has To Leave The Georgia Trump Case - 3/15/2024

Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade Steps Down From Trump Case After Judge's Ruling - 3/15/2024

Nathan Wade Steps Down As Special Prosecutor In Trump Georgia Case Following Judge's Ruling - 3/15/2024

'Like Finding Two People In A Bank Vault And Taking One Off To Jail': Turley Slams Fani Willis Verdict - 3/15/2024

Truley Says Court 'Ignored' The 'False' Testimonies Given By Willis And Wade - 3/15/2024

CNN Legal Analyst Says 'Damning' Fani Willis Ruling Would Be 'Carerr-Ender For A Normal Prosecutor' - 3/15/2024

'Absolute Clown Show': Joe Scarborough Goes Off On Fani Willis' 'Judgement' In Trump Case - 3/15/2024

Judge Lets Fani Willis Continue Trump Case Despite 'Cloud Of Impropriety And Potential Untruthfulness' - 3/15/2024

Trump, Co-Defendants Challenge Judge's Ruling Allowing Fani Willis To Stay - 3/18/2024

Ex-Trump Prosecutor Nathan Wade Fails To Cough Up Child Support, Pay For Wife's Urgent Medical Bills: Lawsuit - 4/4/2024

Former Trump Prosecutor Nathan Wade Accused Of Not Paying Child Support - 4/4/2024