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Trump/MAGA: Lawsuits: Georgia - Election Interference: Indictment & Case

EXCLUSIVE: Fulton Co DA Fani Willis Eyeing Racketeering Charges This Week... But Against Who? - Emails Reveal Georgia Officials Knew For Months About Severe Tabulator Malfunctions - 8/7/2023

LEAK: Fani Willis Is Planning To Indict President Trump For Conspiracy, She Plans To Indict Trump On 12 Charges Of Racketeering And Conspiracy - 8/10/2023

FLASHBACK: Judge Scolds Crooked Soros-Funded DA Fani Wilis In Court For Her Braze, Partisan Lawlessness During Trump Investigation (VIDEO) - 8/10/2023

BREAKING: Fani Willis FAILS To Answer Why IDENTICAL Indictment Appeared Then Was Deleted Before Grand Jury Voted - 8/14/2023

Reporter Confronts Fulton County DA About Mysterious Leak As Trump's Lawyers Turn Up The Heat: 'Shocking And Absurd' - 8/15/2023

ALAN DERSHOWITZ: Trump's Georgia Prosecutor Isn't Being Truthful - 8/16/2023

Jonathan Turley Warns Georgia DA May Have 'Tripped The Wire' With Her 'Jackson Pollock School Of Prosecution' Approach - 8/16/2023

CNN Analysts Hit Fulton County DA With Reality Check After She Proposes Controversial Trial Date - And It May Help Trump - 8/17/2023

Andrew McCarthy Reveals The "Giant Hole" In Fani Willis's Case Against President Trump Which Proves His Innocence - 8/21/2023

Fulton County DA Asks For October 2023 Trial In Trump Case - 8/24/2023

CNN Host, Reporter Panic That Fulton County DA May Actually Have Helped Trump's Campaign: 'Do We Really Need To Do This?' - 8/25/2023

Turley Explains Where Fani Willis' Case Seems To 'Break Down' Against Trump - 8/27/2023

DEROY MURDOCK: Fulton County DA's Anti-Trump 'Smoking Gun' Is A Toy Pistol - 8/27/2023

Investigator Working For Fulton County DA Willis Accidentally Shoots Herself, Authorities Say - 9/25/2023

Georgia DA Offers 'Nothingburger' Plea Deals To Build Parade Of Witnesses For Later Show Trials - 10/28/2023

BREAKING: Fani Willis Moves To REVOKE Bond For Trump Co-Defendant Harison Floyd Over Social Media Posts - 11/15/2023

Trump Election Interference Case May Extend To 2025: Fani Willis - 11/15/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Fani Willis Hired Firm To Monitor Her Media 'Coverage Value' Just Days Before Announcing Trump Probe - 1/23/2024

'Now I Get It!': Faulkner Has 'Aha' Moment After Turley Breaks Down Key Issue In Willis Case - 2/13/2024

"It's GAME OVER For Her" - Even Far-Left MSNBC Admits "Fani Willis Lied To The Court" In Trump Election Interference Case - Trump Respondes, "ANOTHER SCAM COORDINATED WITH THE BIDEN WHITE HOUSE" - 2/15/2024

Fani Willis Case Against Trump Is Unraveling: Law Professor - 2/27/2024

Georgia Senate Examines Fani Willis Meeting With Kamala Harris Before Trump Indictment - 3/6/2024

New Book Admits Fani Willis' Get-Trump Investigation Began With Illegal Recording - 3/7/2024

Georgia Judge Overseeing 2020 Election Case Dismisses Some Charges Against Trump - 3/13/2024

Judge Tosses 6 Total Charges Against Trump, Co-Defendants In Georgia Case: 'Do Not Give ... Enough Information' - 3/13/2024

Former US Attorney Highlights One Key Element That Makes Fani Willis' RICO Case 'Incredibly Weak' - 3/28/2024

Judge Declines Trump's Bid To Toss Georgia Charges Based On First Amendment - 4/4/2024