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Trump/MAGA: Indictments 2023:  January 6: Presidential Immunity

Jack Smith Asks Supreme Court To Consider Trump's Immunity Claim In 2020 Election Case - 12/11/2023

Special Counsel Asks Cupreme Court To Rule Whether Trump Is Immune From Prosecution - 12/11/2023  

Supreme Court Rejects Smith's Request For Justices To Hear Trump Immunity Dispute - 12/22/2023

Supreme Court Hands Jacks Smith A Major Defeat In Trump 2020 Election Case - 12/22/2023

Trump Not Immune From Jan. 6 Lawsuits, Appeals Court Rules - 12/29/2023

Jack Smith Argues Granting Trump's 'Dangerous' Immunity Claims Could Greenlight Presidential 'Murder,' Bribery - 12/30/2023

BREAKING: Appeals Court Stacked With Biden Judges denies Trump immunity In Jack Smith's DC Case - President Trump Responds - 2/6/2024

Federal Appeals Court Rejects Trump's Immunity Bid - 2/6/2024

Trump Doesn't Have Presidential Immunity In 2020 Electin case, Appeals Court Rules - 2/6/2024

Turley Points Out Why Appeals Court Ruling Against Trump May Actually Be A Victory: 'They Succeeded In Doing That' - 2/6/2024

Trump Asks Supreme Court To Intervene In Presidential Immunity Appeal - 2/12/2024

Liberal Meltdown Ensues After Supreme Court Announces It Will Hear Trump Immunity Case: 'Just Plain Terrifying' - 2/28/2024

Supreme Court To Hear Arguments On Trump Criminal Immunity Claims - 2/28/2024

Supreme Court Schedules Date To Hear Trump's Presidential Immunity Appeal - 3/6/2024

Cheney Warns Of 'Profoundly Negative Impact' If SCOTUS Doesn't Resolve Trump Immunity Case Quickly - 4/22/2024

Trump Attorney, Supreme Court Justice Clash On Whether A Presdient Who 'Ordered' A 'Coup' Could Be Prosecuted - 4/25/2024

Justice Kavanaugh Asks DOJ Prosecutor Why Barack Obama Was Never Charged For Drone Strikes Against Civilians (AUDIO) - 4/26/2024