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Trump/MAGA: Lawsuits: New York City - Hush Money: DA Alvin Braggs & Prosecutors

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Trump Attorney Joe Tacopina Calls For Investigation Of The Unhinged New York County District Attorney's Office For Political Weaponization Against the Former President - 3/14/2023

McCarthy Orders House Probe Into Whether Federal Funds Used In 'Politically Motivated Prosecution' - 3/18/2023

Manhattan DA Downgrades Felonies In NYC While Potentially Upgrading Trump's Charge To Felony - 3/20/2023

House Republicans Demand Testimony From Manhattan DA Behind Potnetial Trump Arrest - 3/20/2023

BREAKING: DA Alvin Bragg Back-Pedals, Says Trump Arrest Was A False Expectation - 3/23/2023

Poll: 46% Of Democrats Say DA Prosecuting Trump Would Be 'Outrageious Abuse Of Power' - 3/27/2023

Manhattan Prosecutors Secure Grand Jury Indictment Against Trump, Thrusting Nation Into New Turmoil - 3/30/2023

For Prosecutor Bragg, Trump Indictment Is Campaign Promise Kept - 4/4/2023

Report: Alvin Bragg Wants Trump Trial In January 2024, During Republican Primary - 4/4/2023

'Political Persecution' Evidence Mounts As New York D.A. Alvin Bragg's Staff Leave Wildly Anti-Trump, Leftist Social Media & Job Trail. - 4/4/2023

REVEALED: Terrifying Rap Sheets Of The Ten Worst NYC Criminals Who Were REPEATEDLY Released By Manhattan DA Bragg As He Focused On Trump Indictment - 4/4/2023

Alvin Bragg's Trump Indictment Is Even More Pathetic And Partisan Than We Could Have Imagined - 4/5/2023

The Timing Of Events In Soros-Backed DA Bragg Indictment Of President Trump Invalidates The Entire Case - 4/6/2023

Jim Jordan Subpoenas Former Manhattan Prosecutor In First Strike Against Office Prosecuting Trump - 4/7/2023

Manhattan DA Sues Rep. Jim Jordan - 4/11/2023

Trump Indictment Shows Bragg's Idea Of 'Equal Justice Under Law' Is A Farce - 4/11/2023

Bragg Sues Jordan Over Alleged 'Campaign To Intimidate' - 4/11/2023

Court Rejects Bragg's Request For Restraining Order Against Jordan - 4/12/2023

Bragg's Effort To Stop Congress From Probing Trump Case Collides WIth Pentagon Papers Precedent - 4/12/2023

Judge Denise Manhattan DA's Bid To Stop House GOP Subpoena Of Former Prosecutor - 4/19/2023

Manhattan DA Bragg Withdraws Objection To GOP Supoena Of Former Prosecutor - 4/21/2023

"Bragg Caved, Jim Jordan Won" - Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Drops Appeal, Former Clinton Lawyer And Ex-Prosecutor Will Testify - 4/22/2023

DA Alvin Bragg Sued After Refusing To Release Trump Case Records - 6/19/2023

Judge Quashes Subpoena Seeking Melania Trump Emails In Blow To Alvin Bragg's Office - 7/28/2023

'Special Criminal Defendant': Former Federal Prosecutor Says Bragg Took 'Vindictive Action' Against Trump - 4/13/2024

CNN Legal Expert Uncovers Alvin Bragg's Monumental Blunder - Far More Dire Than Anticipated! - 4/22/2024

Dershowitz Says New York Prosecutors Are Violating Voters' Rights With Trump Trial - 4/23/2024

'Historic Mistake': Law Professor Takes Apart Alvin Bragg's Case Against Trump - Then Predicts The Outcome - 4/24/2024

'Trial By Ambush': Former Federal Prosecutors Say Alvin Bragg's Strategy Is Unlike Anything They've Seen Before - 4/24/2024