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Trump/MAGA: Mar-A-Lago Raid: Classified Documents & Subpoena

REPORT: Trump Received Subpoena In Spring For Documents Before FBI Raid, Cooperated With Federal Agents - 8/11/2022

Questions Grow About Trump Raid After Revelation Of Grand Jury Subpoena, Extensive Cooperation - 8/11/2022

Judge Unseals Mar-A-Lago Raid Warrant, Reveals Why FBI Is Investigating Trump - 8/12/2022

THAT WAS QUICK: Add The WaPo Nuclear Codes at Mar-A-Lago Tale To The Scrap-Heap Of Anti-Trump Fake News Conspiracies - Here's The List - 8/12/2022

Using The Nuclear Pretext To Attack President Donald Trump Is Blown Up - 8/12/2022

New Twist In FBI Raid: Trump Had 'Standing Order' To Declassify Documents Taken To Residence - 8/12/2022

Breaking: FBI Lists 11 Sets Of Classified Documents Recovered In Mar-A-Lago Raid - Report - 8/12/2022

Trump Wanted The American People To See The Truth About Docs - Then The FBI Came For Them: Former WH Official - 8/12/2022

2 Months Prior To Raid, FBI Had Already Secured Docs - What Changed? - 8/12/2022

Exactly! Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes Reacts To Mar-A-Lago Raid: "And Then They Take His Passports Like He's Gonna Flee... These People Are PSYCHOPATHS" (VIDEO) - 8/16/2022

Dershowitz: Even If DOJ Gets Trump Convicted Of Documents Crime, He's Still Eligible To Run For President - 8/16/2022

Old Case Over Audio Tapes In Bill Clinton's Sock Drawer Could Impact Mar-A-Lago Search Dispute - 8/17/2022

Intersting Move: Trump Posts Declassification Memorandum Of "Materials Related To FBI's Crossfire Hurricane Investigation" - 8/18/2022

Alan Dershowitz: "Clearly Wrong - Biden White House Should Not Be Able To Waive Executive Privilege Of President Trump" (VIDEO) - 8/22/2022

Here We Go... DNI Avril Haines Tells Congress She Will Undertake "Damage Assessment" Of Documents Taken By FBI At Mar-A-Lago That Were Unclassified By President Trump - 8/28/2022

Before FBI Seized Privileged Trump Memos, DOJ Filter Teams Already Tainted By Legal Controversy - 8/29/2022

DOJ Finally Admits Trump Might Have Been Right About What They Seized - 8/29/2022

Kash Patel On The Mar-A-Lago Carpet Photo: "First Of All It Is Staged.  Those Are Cover Sheets... It's Being Run By Government Gangsters Along With Same Corrupt FBI" - 8/31/2022

Mark Levin Turns The Tables On FBI OVer Controversial Photo Included In DOJ Court Filing: 'A Grossly Negligent Use Of Classified Documents' - 9/1/2022

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President Trump's Documents Held At Mar-A-Lago Were Legit But Biden Held Classified Intel That Went Against The Law - When Did The DOJ Know? - 1/11/2023