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Trump/MAGA - Russian Hoax: Steele Dossier

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BLM Hires Clinton Aide Who Paid For Steele Dossier To Sort Shadey Finances - 2/17/2022

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FEC Fines DNC And Hillary Clinton For Lying About Funding Of Debunked Russian Dossier - 3/30/2022

Public Demands Clinton Be Held Accountable After Courtoom Revelation That She Personally Greenlit The Trump-Russia Hoax - 5/21/2022

New York Times Hires The Reporter Who Brought Steel Dossier To BuzzFeed To Cover 'Right-Wing Media' - 8/22/2022

How The FBI Copies Parts Of The Debunked Steele Dossier Directly Into Its Spy Requests - 12/20/2022

Hillary's 2016 Campaign CFO And Current SEC Chairman Gary Gensler Claims He Wasn't Aware Of Payment For Steele Dossier (Yet He Was Hillary's CFO?) - 4/18/2023

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FBI Offered To Pay Steele $1M For Anti-Trump Evidence Paid Possible Russian Spy Despite Knowing His Info Was Bad - 5/16/2023

Trump Suing Ex-British Intel Officer Steele Over His Discredited Opposition Research Dossier - 9/30/2023