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Christianity: Faith

Indian Christians Refuse To Deny Christ Despite Persecution From Hindu Radicals - 9/4/2018

Members Of Christian Families In India Beaten, Threatened After Refusing To Deny Their Faith In Christ - 5/12/2020

Atheist Society Official Resigns After Announcing He Found Jesus - 5/31/2021

Super Bowl MVP Gives Glory To God, Shares Stunning Reason He Never Lost Faith On His Team's Path To Victory - 2/14/2022

Super Bowl Champ Turned Cop Says NFL's Political Stances,' COVID Policies Drove Him To Retire: 'The Lord Showed Me The Door' - 4/1/2022

Girl, 3, Makes Miraculous Recovery After Being Hit By Car, Renews Mom's Faith: 'I'm A Full Believer Now' - 7/14/2022

Tearful Jim Breuer Delivers Powerful Message About Dealing With Tragedy, Faith, And Blessings In Life: 'I'll Never Be Mad At God' - 7/17/2022

'They Need Jesus': Herschel Walker Responds To MSNBC Contributor Using Racist Slur On Him - 8/1/2022

Tim Tebow Has Helped Rescue Thousands From Human Trafficking, Inspired By What His Father Did - 8/6/2022

Jailed Christian Teacher Refuses To Back Down, Delivers Powerful Message On Faith To Judge - 9/10/2022

When The Left Tries To Control You With Fear, Conjure Up The Courage Of Kanye - 10/8/2022

'I Chose God': Hobby Lobby CEO Gives Away Ownership Of Company Citing Faith Over Wealth - 10/27/2022

'The News Is A LIE, The Bible Is The TRUTH': Kari Lake Debunks Rumors About Her Faith - 10/29/2022

Watch: Prominent Trans Activist Detransitioning After Finding Christ - Give Peek Behind Leftist Curtain - 11/16/2022

The 'Respect For Marriage Act' Disrespects Faithful Americans - 11/22/2022

'It's Worth It': Tim Tebow Shares his Lesson on Gratitude As He Responds To Criticism He's Faced For His Faith - 11/28/2022

'Surrendered To God': Country Singer Granger Smith Says Faith 'Saved My Life' After Losing His Child - 12/5/2022

'Fishes And Loaves': How the Director Of 'The Chosen' Found Faith Through Failure - 12/21/2022

Tim Tebow Used Award Acceptance Speech to Bring Glory to True MVP Who 'Died On A Cross' - 12/25/2022

How 24-Year-Old Damar Hamlin's Collapse Brought America Together And Reminded Us Of The Importance Of Faith And Prayer [VIDEO] - 1/9/2023

'God Is Real': Bills QB Describes 'Spiritual Awakening' Since Teammate's On-Field Collapse - 1/16/2023

Philadelphia Flyers' Ivan Provorov Refuses To Wear Rainbow Jersey For 'Pride Night,' Head Coach Defends Him - 1/18/2023

Philadelphia Flyers Head Coach John Tortorella Defends Ivan Provorov After He Sat Out 'Pride Night' Festivities - 1/18/2023

America Needs More Unapologetic Christians Like Tony Dungy - 1/23/2023

Rookie Georgia Police Officer Resigns After Department Bars Him From Expressing Views On Traditional Marriage - 1/25/2023

Patrick Mahomes Opens Super Bowl Week By Pointing To God: 'I Want To Make Sure I'm Glorifying Him' - 2/7/2023

'I Know It Just Wasn't Me, It Was God In Me': Memphis Cop Saves Suicidal Teen Father With Inspriational Message - 2/9/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Former Police Officer Punished For Gay Marriage View Lawyers Up, Demands Apology - 2/13/2023

How Focusing On Prayer This Lent Could Lead You To Redemption - 2/21/2023

Limbaugh's Brother: 'God Spoke Through Rush' During His Final Shows, He Didn't Believe Death Was Near - 2/24/2023

'Frasier' Star Kelsey Grammer Reveals How His Christian Faith Guides His Career - 2/24/2023

Incredible Moment Missouri Church Foils Armed Robbery When Former Police Officer Pastor And Congregation Pray For Gunmen: Reverend Tells Four Masked Men They're On 'Holy Ghost Turf' And 'God's Changing The Plot' - 2/28/2023

Christian School Forfeits Playoff Basketball Game Rather Than Face Transgender Opponent, Citing Fairness And Safety - 3/1/2023

Kelsey Grammer 'Won't Apologize' For Faith In Christ In 'Jesus Revolution' Interview - 3/4/2023

Over 30,000 Petition In Defense Of Former Police Officer's Free Speech Rights - 3/8/2023

7 Members Of Congress Join Christian Artists In US Capitol Rotunda Filled With Worship, Prayer - 3/12/2023

Christian High School Girls' Basketball Team Refused To Compete Against Male Opponent - Now The Whole School Has Been Punished - 3/14/2023

Vermont Christian School Banned From Future Sporting Events After Forfeiting Girl's Basketball Game Against Team With Trans Player - 3/14/2023

Victorious NCAA National Champion Wrestler Breathlessly Underscores The Importance Of Faith IN Post-Match Interview: 'Christ's Resurrection Is Everything' - 3/20/2023

Dem Defends Christian School Team Ban To Support Woke Agenda - 3/26/2023

Pastor Issues Brief But Powerful Statement After His 9-Year-Old Daughter Is Identified As One Of The 6 Killed In Nashville School Shooting - 3/28/2023

'Militant' Atheist NBA Employee Driven To Disprove God Ends Up Proving Him, Converting To Christianity - 4/4/2023

North Carolina Church Buys Up Then Burns Thousands Of Struggling Families' Medical Debts - 4/13/2023

"You're Going To Be A Dsciple For Me': Candace Cameron Bure Thanks God For Taking Her Out Of Acting For 10 Years - 4/14/2023

'Gift Of Faith': Pregnant From Rape, Mom Rejects Abortion, Places Son With A Family That Gives Priority Of God - 4/28/2023

Billboards Pop Up All Over The Country With 3 Words That Are Sure To Cause The Devil A Headache - 5/5/2023

Two-Time Catholic Super Bowl Champion Stuns Graduates With Unexpected Advice: "GET MARRIED AND START A FAMILY" (VIDEO) - 5/7/2023

Former Hollywood Liberal Explains Why She Walked Away From The Democrats And Became A Conservative Christian In EPIC Video - 5/10/2023

Kirk Cameron Says 'Nafarious Forces' Want To Destroy God And The Traditional Family, Yet Offers Christians A Message Of Hope: 'We Can Fight It Together' - 5/15/2023

Don't Kill Your Child's Love Of The Rainbow Just Because 'Pride' Perveyors Co-Opted It - 6/7/2023

Actor And Musician Tyrese Gibson Opens Up About His Faith In Jesus The Spiritual Sickness Of Hollywood: 'They're Trying To Normalize The Devil' - 6/8/2023

'I Have Full Trust In Jesus!' Deion Sanders May Have Foot Amputated Due To Health Complications, NFL Legend Already Lost Toes To Blood Clots - 6/18/2023

Southern Baptists Vote To Remain Faithful To Biblical Teaching - 6/19/2023

Deion Sanders Recovering From Emergency Surgery To Repair Blood Clots, Delivers Powerful Prayer: 'Lord You Blessed Me Enough' - 6/25/2023

Man Painstakingly Crafts Scaled-Down Model Of Noah's Ark To Last Detail, Brings Bible Epic To Life - 7/13/2023

Christian NBA Player Jonathan Isaac Launches UNITUS, An Apparel Company That Stands For Faith, Family, And Freedom - 8/1/2023

'Little House On The Prairie' Actress Discusses How Faith In God Helped Her Accept Brain Tumor Diagnosis - 8/9/2023

Oliver Anthony Reads From Bible To Overflow Crowd At Farm Market - His First Show Since 'Rich Men North Of Richmond' Launched Him From Obscurity In Matter Of Days - 8/14/2023

Armed Texas Man Serves Up Smoking Hot Justice On Assailant Who Beat Elderly Patron Unconscious At BBQ Restaurant: Police - 8/20/2023

Who Best Avoiced The COVID Religion? - 8/23/2023

Oliver Anthony Blows Joe Rogan Away With The Profundity Of Scripture, Explains How Centering His Life On God Changed His Life For The Better - 8/31/2023

The Lord's Prayer Breaks Out During School Board Meeting After Official Tells Woman Her Offer To Publicly Pray For Students Is 'Not Permitted' - 9/8/2023

NFL Linebacker Demario Davis Shares His Faith At Press Conference Following Daughter's Seizure - 9/11/2023

UFC Star Hoists Bible, Prays With Opponent After Bout, Claims Maui Fires Were 'Man-Made': 'Satan Is Taking Over This Earth' - 9/25/2023

Toby Keith Shares Update On His Battle With Stomach Cancer, Revealing What's Kept Him Going: 'He's Been Riding Shotgun With Me' - 9/29/2023

Max Lucado: 3 PROMISES God Has KEPT That Should Give You HOPE - 10/9/2023

MLB Pitcher Goes Viral For Seemingly Reading The Bible In Dugout Before Game 7 Win That Sent Team To World Series - 10/25/2023

Speaker Mike Johnson Fights Back After Liberals Attack His Christian Faith, Compare Him To Terrorists - 11/1/2023

'Mirical Every Time': Former NFL QB, Devout Christian, Celebrates 10th Child, Talks Faith - 11/22/2023

'It's A Miracle ... Of God': Hiker Survives 1,000-Foot Plunge Off Hawaiian Mountain, Then Days Alone In The Wilderness - 12/19/2023

Hulk Hogan Gets Baptized: 'Total Surrender And Dedication To Jesus Is The Greatest Day Of My Life' - 12/21/2023