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Atlanta 'Cop City' Riots

Radicals Call For Violence In Georgia After Police Kill Leftist Militant Who Allegedly Shot Georgia State trooper Unprovoked - 1/19/2023

ANTIFA Calls For A 'Night Of Rage' In Georgia, Vow Violence After Justified Shooting - 1/20/2023

Video: 'Cop City' Chaos Erupts In Atlanta When Rioters Set Police Cars On Fire, Launch Fireworks, Hurl Rocks - 1/21/2023

6 People Arrested In Atlanta Riots Identified, Charged With Domestic Terrorism - 1/23/2023

'This Isn't Oregon': Georgia AG Promises Atlanta Antifa Domestic Terrorists Will Be Held Accountable - 1/23/2023

Spoiled Children Of Privilege Trying To Burn Atlanta Down - 1/23/2023

EXCLUSIVE - REVEALED: Atlanta Antifa Terror Suspect Worked As A Production Assistant For CNN And Is Daughter Of UK Foreign Office Consultant And New Jersey-Based Chinese Pharma Tycoon - 1/23/2023

Another 'Peaceful' Protest By Antifa Ends In Violence And Destruction, Arrests Made - 1/29/2023

Site Of Future Safety Training Center In Atlanta Under Lockdown After Massive Fire Destroys Constructino Site - Antifa Reportedly Clashing With Police - 3/5/2023

UPDATE: Atlanta Police release Footage Of Antifa terror Attack On Future Cop Training Center In Atlanta - Cops Say 35 Militants Detained So Far (VIDEO) - 3/6/2023

Southern Poverty Law Center Attorney Charged With Domestic Terrorism - 3/6/2023

Southern Poverty Law Center Attorney Among 23 Arrested For Domestic Terrorism - 3/6/2023

Atlanta Rioters Face Domestic Terrorism Charges - 3/6/2023

Poor Little Rich Boy@ Smirking Suspected Antifa Goon 'Who Helped Attack Georgia Cop City' Is Son Of NYC Plastic Furniture Tycoon, As He And His 22 Cronies Appear In Court On Terror Charges - 3/7/2023

Atlanta Police Release Aerial Footage Of Training Center Rioters - 3/7/2023

Domestic Terrorist Busted In Atlanta 'Cop City' Assault Is Child Of Incredible Privilege - 3/11/2023

Georgia's Republican AG Announces Indictment Of 61 Leftists Under The RICO Statue Used Just Weeks Ago Against Trump - 9/6/2023

Radical Anti-'Cop City' Activist Arrested After Allegedly Slamming Stolen Vehicle Into Traffic And Sending Truck Flying - 10/5/2023

Officers Won't Face Charges For Shooting Anti-'Cop City' Militant Who Shot Georgia State Trooper In The Gut - 10/9/2023

Police Use Tear Gas, Flash-Bang Grenades To Push Back On Antifa Militants Protesting Atlanta Police Training Site (VIDEO) - 11/13/2023