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BLM (Black Lives Matter): Funding & Supporters

Friendly Reminder: Soros Funded Violent Ferguson Protest Movement And Paid Black Lives Matter Protesters - 5/29/2020

Donations, Including International Funding, to BlackLivesMatter.com Go Directly to ActBlue, Which Supports the DNC - 6/8/2020

Top Black Lives Matter Activist Questions Where the Millions of Dollars in Donations Are Going? - No One Knows! - 6/12/2020

Donations to Black Lives Matter are Funneled Through a Democratic Fundraising Group - 6/12/2020

'BAD GUYS' Black Lives Matter Bail Fund Supported By Kamala Harris 'Helped Free Six Men Accused Of Domestic Violence In Two Months' - 9/23/2020

Who IS In Charge Of BLM's $60 Million Bankroll? Black Lives Matter Will Not Confirm Who Controls Its Significant Funds After Founder Stepped Down And The Two Activists She Appointed To Take her Place Rejected Roles - 1/27/2022

Revealed: Clintonworld Takeover Of Black Lives Matter - 2/16/2022

What Is BLM Doing Besides Reportedly Buying Million-Dollar Mansions? - 2/16/2022

BLM Hires Clinton Aide Who Paid For Steele Dossier To Sort Shadey Finances - 2/17/2022

EXCLUSIVE: After 25 Deaths, $1-$2 Billion In Damages, And Over 2,000 Policemen And PoliceWomen Injured, US Companies Have Contributed Or Promised Nearly $1 Billion To BLM And/Or Social Justice Groups - 2/21/2022

Guess Who Just Took Control Of $60 Million In Black Lives Matter Assets - 2/25/2022

Black Leaders Call Out 'Woke Corporations' For Supporting Black Lives Matter - 4/20/2022

FBI Whistleblowers Allege That Agents Who Kneeled In Solidarity With BLM Protesters Were Promoted To Higher Rank - 9/30/2022

Sharon Osbourne Wants her $900,000 BLM Donation Back After Kanye West Calls The Organization A "Scam" - 10/7/2022

REPORT: The Black Lives Matter Movement Received A Stunning $82 Billion From Corporations - 3/14/2023

Amid A Banking Crisis With The Segment Rated "Negative" - Four Banks Awarded Over $60 BILLION To BLM Movement - 3/15/2023

Woke Silicon Valley Bank Gave Over $73 Million To Black Lives Matter Movement - 3/15/2023

BLM Activist Musician Says Her Pronouns Are She/Her, They/Them, And 'Free-A** Motherf**ker,' Is Much Happier When Her 'T**ties Are Out' - 5/22/2023

BLM Now $8.5 Million In The Red As Donations Tank, Leaders Continue To Spend Lavishly - 5/24/2023

BLM Is Crashing Hard - Supports Drops Off Cliff As Americans Reach Race Fatigue, New Poll Shows - 6/15/2023

A Closer Look At Black Lives Matter's 'Bankruptcy' Shows Radical Leftists Still Have Millions In Their Coffers - 6/22/2023

Socialist, BLM-Supporting Mayor Arrested For Criminal Trespassing, Burglary: 'Do You Know Who The F*** I Am?' - 7/9/2023

New York City Agrees To Pay Violent BLM-Antifa Protesters $13 Million After 450 Businesses Were Damaged In The Riots - 7/20/2023

Your Black Lives Matter Donation May Have Helped Hamas - 10/12/2023

Leftists Excuse Hamas For The Same Reasons They Support Black Lives Matter, Defund The Police, And The Rest - 10/12/2023

BLM Activist Caught Lying About Helping Release Hamas Hotsages - 10/23/2023

REPORT: DC To Freshen Up Black Lives Matter Mural Amid Backlash Over Group's Hamas Support - 10/31/2023

Democratic Socialist, Anti-Cop, BLM-Supporting Judge In Hot Water After Allegedly Posing In Hot Tub With Public Defenders Talking About Breasts - 1/29/2024

Black Lives Matter PAC Spent Most Of Its Money In 2023 Paying Its Own Treasurer For 'Consulting' - 2/14/2024