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BLM (Black Lives Matter): The Narrative & The Truth

Black Lives Matter - What We Believe (Original page before it was removed from their official site)

431 Law Enforcement Officers Were Injured In The Black Lives Matter/Antifa War - 6/3/2020

Woman Exposes Black Lives Matter Protesters For Pushing A False Narrative - 6/4/2020

Houston Cop Seen Comforting 5-Year-Old Girl At George Floyd Protest Who Asked: 'Are You Gonna Shoot Us?' - 6/5/2020

WATCH: Young Woman Reads 'Real Facts' On Police Killings At Black Lives Matter Protest - 6/11/2020

Anonymous Letter From Purported UC Berkeley Professor Harshly Challenges 'Black Lives Matter Narrative' - 6/13/2020

WATCH: Filmmaker Tells Black Lives Matter Protests Statistics About Police Shootings, Gets Told To 'F--k Off' - 6/13/2020

'The Majority Of Them Don't Even Know Why They're There': Walkaway Founder Crashes A BLM Protest - 6/14/2020

Report: Anonymous Berkeley Professor Debunks BLM Narrative, Scholds Academics - 6/15/2020

Black Lives Matter 'What We Believe' Page that Includes Disrupting 'Nuclear Family Structure' Removed From Website - 9/21/2020

Video: Fed-Up Mom Blasts BLM For Mourning Death Of Man Who Shot Up Her Apartment With Kids Inside - 7/17/2022

BLM Accidentally Makes Fortune For Woman Who Called Them Out After America Watches Video, Starts Donating Money - 7/17/2022

'Uncle Tom II' Uses Neglected Cell Phone Video To Expose Violent Side Of BLM Media Ignored - 9/2/2022

$100K Settlement Awarded To Ex-Virginia Tech Soccer Player Who Refused To Bend The Knee In Solidarity With BLM: Report - 1/9/2023

BLM Activists In Boston Facing Even More Federal Fraud Charges - 3/13/2023

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Devoted At Least 15,000 More Hours To Jan. 6 Riot Than To BLM Riots In DC - 3/20/2023

D.C. Authoritied 'Selectively Enforced' Defacement Rules Against Pro-Life Groups Over BLM Protestors, Court Rules - 8/15/2023

Washington DC 'Selectively Enforced' Ordinance Against Pro-Life Group While Ignoring BLM Protesters: Federal Appeals Court - 8/16/2023

Black Lives Matter Protests Led To Fewer Police killings, More Murders: Study - 9/18/2023

Black Lives Matter Organization Shows Support For Hamas Amid Terror Attack On Israel - 10/10/2023

SPLC Won't Say Whether It Plans To Designate Left-Wing Groups Supporting Slaughter In Israel As Hate Groups - 10/11/2023

DISGUSTING: BLM Chicago Sides WITH Hamas Terrorist Paragliders - 10/11/2023

Here's What A Real Black Lives Matter Movement Would Sould Like - 2/16/2024