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Freedom Convoys 2022: Trudeau's Authoritarianism

Ann Vandersteel Lauds Freedom Convoy, Slams Trudeau For Dismissing Protest's Significance - Brighteon.TV - 2/1/2022

Caught on Tape: SHOCKING Video Reveals What Trudeau's 'Hateful' And 'Violent' Protesters are Really Doing - 2/2/2022

'This Could Cost Him His Job': Only 16% of Canadians Would Vote For 'Weak' Trudeau Based On His Leadership During the Freedom Convoy - 2/12/2022

Canadian Freedom Convoy Spokesman Mocks Trudeau For Invoking Emergency Powers: 'We Were All Laughing' - 2/15/2022

VIDEO: Military Puts The Brakes On Prime Minister Trying To Break up Freedom Convoy - 2/16/2022

After Canada PM Uses Emergency Powers Against Truckers - The Convoy Responds With 'Laughter,' Then Grows More - 2/16/2022

Canadian Authorities Send Freedom Truckers' Names to Banks, Freezing Accounts - 2/17/2022

Justin Trudeau Invokes Never Before Used Power To Exert His Tyrann Over Canadian Demanding Freedom - 2/17/2022

Justin Trudeau Makes UNPRECEDENTED Power Grab To Exert His Tyranny Over Canadians Demanding Freedom - 2/17/2022

Trudeau Has A Special Hatred For Trump Supporters...And Will Freeze Bank Accounts (VIDEO) - 2/17/2022

Jewish Experts, Professors Condemn Trudeau's Nazi 'Smear Campaign' Against Freedom Convoy Protesters - 2/18/2022

Trudeau Donated To Black Lives Matter And Kneeled In Obedience - Then Arrests Working Truckers, Freezes Their Bank Accounts And Steals Their Dogs Who Oppose His Vax Mandates - 2/18/2022

Watch: Actress Evangeline Lilly Challenges Justin Trudeau To Listen To Freedom Convoy Members And Not Treat Protesters As 'Terrorists' In Impassioned Plea - 2/20/2022

Canadian Premier Suing Over Trudeau's Use Of Emergencies Act: 'There Is NO Insurrecion Or Coup' - 2/20/2022

'It Is Our Job As The People To Hold Our Leadership Accountable': Marvel Actress Begs Trudeau To Sit Down With Truckers - 2/20/2022

Iranian Regime Condemns Trudeau Government Following Violent Crackdown On Freedom Protesters - 2/21/2022

EU Parliamentarian Representing Former Communist State Calls On International Community To Isolate Tyrannical Trudeau Regime - 2/21/2022

Canadian Pastor And Veteran Rips Justin Trudeau For Treating His Own Citizens Like 'Terrorists' - 2/22/2022

LILLEY: World Laughs As Trudeau Claims To 'Stand Against Authoritarianism' - 2/23/2022

Canadian Prime Minister Takes Historically Unprecedented Action To Oppress Canadian Citizens - 2/25/2022

COVID And Putin Are Not A Threat To Your Freedom; People Like Schwab, Gates & Trudeau Are - 3/4/2022

'So...He's Talking About Himself?':  Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Says There Has Been 'Slippage' In Democracies And Nations Have Adopted 'Slightly More Authoritarian Leaders' - 3/6/2022

Russell Brand Calls Trudeau A Hypocrite For Criticising Putin After 'Tyrannical' Crushing Of Trucker Protest - 3/14/2022

European MPs Blast PM Trudeau For Handling Of Freedom Convoy After Brussels Speech - 3/24/2022

Six Months After The Freedom Convoy, Trudeau's Lies And Cowardice Are Clearer Than Ever - 8/24/2022

Trudeau Was Prepared To Deploy Tanks Against Trucker Protests - 11/23/2022

Biden Administration Pressured Trudeau To Shut Down Freedom Convoy - 11/25/2022

Trudeau Government Discussed Using Tanks To Crush Peaceful Freedom Convoy Protests - 11/25/2022

COVIDictator Trudeau Says He SUPPORTS Lockdown Protesters... In China (VIDEO) - 11/29/2022

Investigation Reveals Biden Backed Trudeau Move To Suppress And Arrest COVID Proestors - 11/30/2022

Brendan Miller, Lawyer For Canadian Truckers, Absolutely Brutalizes Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland During Deposition - 12/2/2022

'I Won't Apologize': Justin Trudeau Doubles Down On Calling Trucker Protesters 'Tinfoil Hat' Conspriracy Theorists - 1/3/2023

Trudeau Government Used Faked Intelligence To Illegally Frame Protesting Truckers As Violent Extremists - 1/24/2024

Court Rules Trudeau's Use of Martial Law To Crush Peaceful Trucker Protest Was 'Unjustified' And Unlawful - 1/24/2024

Canadian Court Rules Trudeau's 'Unreasonable' Crackdown On Trucker Convoy Violated Fedberal Law - 1/24/2024