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January 6, 2021 Protest: Congress & Democrat Riots

FLASHBACK: Hundreds Of Violent Left-Wing Rioters Smashed Windows, Set Limousine On First In Washington DC During President Trump's Inauguration In 2017; Government Later Dropped ALL CHARGES Against The Rioters - 1/14/2021

FLASHBACK: Rep. Maxine Waters And Sen. Cory Booker Called For Violence Against Elected Leaders And Cabinet Members - 1/15/2021

28 Times Media And Democrats Excused Or Endorsed Violence Committed By Left-Wing Activists - 1/24/2021

Senator Rand Paul Schools Chris Wallace Says Schumer Should Face Impeachment 'For Inciting Violence' - 2/8/2021

Look What Nancy Pelosi Said Just 10 Years Ago When A Mob Invaded A State Capitol - 1/25/2021

AOC Demands Clarence Thomas Resign From Supreme Court, Threatens Impeachment - 3/29/2022

GOP Senator Uses Leftists' Playbook Against Them Over Their Demands For Clarence Thomas To Be Held Accountable For Wife's Text Messages - 3/30/2022

NEVER FORGET: Democrats Rioted, Attacked Conservatives, Beat Trump Supporters During Their insurrection At Presdient Trump's Inauguration (VIDEO) - 5/10/2022

Jan. 6 Bombshell: Schumer Team Received FBI Intel About Possible Violence, Frontline Cops Didn't - 6/10/2022

A Colbert 'Insurrection?' Numerous 'Late Show' Staffers Arrested For Incursion At US Capitol - 6/18/2022

INSURRECTION: Colbert's Staff Harassed GOP Lawmakers Inside US Capitol After It Closed - AND Also Mocked And Harassed Speakers At Rally For Families Of J6 Defendants - 6/20/2022

JUST IN: Colbert Crew Arrested For Invading US Capitol And Harassing GOP Lawmakers CLEARED  Of "Unlawful Entry" Charges - 7/18/2022

Federal Prosecutors Decline To Prosecute Stephen Colbert's Team For Unlawful Entry Into Capitol - 7/18/2022

Trump Responds After Charges Dropped Against Colbert Staffers For Illegally Invading US Capitol - "We're Treated So Differently" - 7/19/2022

Colbert Crew's Behavior In Capitol Complex Caused Democrat Staffer To Call For Emergency Help - 7/20/2022

Capitol Police Chief Fires Back After US Attorney Refuses To Charge Stephen Colbert Staffers Arrested At Capitol Office Building - 7/20/2022

Video Shows Colbert Crew Antics In House Office Building Before Arrest - 7/20/2022

Colbert 'Insurrection' Report: 'Cocaine Orgy' Skit, Talks Of Leaving 'Something' Under Boebert's Door - 7/21/2022