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January 6, 2021 Protest: Political Prisoners & Targeted Opposition: Prison Conditions

Tucker Doc: Man Arrested After Sitting At Pelosi's Desk On Jan. 6 Claims Guards Tortured Prisoners - 11/8/2021

Jan. 6 Defendants Taken Out Of Cells On Stretchers: Court Filing - 11/13/2021

"THEY USED MY HUSBAND TO INTIMIDATE OTHER J6'ers TO TAKE A PLEA! DO NOT TAKE A PLEA!" Said Wife Of First Convicted J6er! - Attorney Did Not Even Tell Family A Verdict Was Reached (VIDEO) - 3/9/2022

BIDEN REGIME J6 PRISONER Forced To Eat & Sleep For DAYS In Cell With Overflowing FILTHY TOILET Surrounded By "TONS OF HUMAN FECES"!  Readers - Please File A Complaint With WARDEN JONES & DOC Diretor Thomas Faust! INTO BELOW! - 5/12/2022

EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: Secret Video Recordings LEAKED From Inside "The Hole" Of DC Gitmo - First Footage Ever Released Of Cockroach And Mold Infested Cell Of J6 olitical Prisoner - 5/25/2022

J6 Political Prisoner JEFFREY SCOTT BROWN Is Being Tortured By Biden Regime For Standing Outside US Capitol On Jan. 6 - Jaile Since August! - Audio From Inside Prison!! - 6/27/2022

EXCLUSIVE: Jan. 6 Prisoners And Families Expose Brutal Truth About Jail Lockdown - 9/8/2022

Ex-FBI Official Makes Rogue Statement - Unabomber Had It Better Than Jan. 6 Defendants - 9/28/2022

BREAKING: 34 US Political Prisoners In DC Gulag Demand Transfer To Guantanamo Bay To Escape Intolerable Conditions In Heartbreaking Letter - 10/2/2022

UPDATE: J6 Prisoner Beaten And Blinded By Guards Now Being Pressured NOT TO SPEAK To Gateway Pundit After Recent Interview - Feds Tell His Wife She Can't Speak To Him Anymore - 10/3/2022

They Are Openly Letting January 6th Prisoners Die In Front Of Them... - 10/17/2022

"We Get Maced, Beaten For Singing The National Anthem" - J6 Political Prisoner And Veteran Army Combat Medic Billy Chrestman Writes Heartbreaking Letter To The Gateway Pundit After Spending Two Years In DC Gulag Hellhole - 11/19/2022

Jan. 6 Prisoners Claim Guards Abused Them, Denied Them Medical, Religious Services: GOP Rep. Nehls - 1/6/2023

"I Am Treated Poorly, Harrassed And Physically Abused" - J6er Todd Gardner Writes Open Letter After DC Courts Delay Hearings For Seven Months - 1/11/2023

Exclusive: Jan 6 Defendant Jon Mellis Leaks Footage From Inside The DC Gulag To Gateway Pundit - Prisoners Are Forced To Drink Dirty Brown Water (VIDEO) - 2/6/2023

J6 Political Prisoner Ryan Samsel Beaten By Prison Guards, Loses Vision In One Eye - Now He Is Prevented From Speaking With The Gateway Pundit So We Can Tell His Story (AUDIO) - 2/19/2023

Jan 6er JEFF SABOL Goes Missing After Reaising Complaints Of Jail Abuse - PLEASE HELP JEFF BY DONATING BELOW - 2/24/2023

Philly Prisoner Cush'Mir McBride Fed J6 Prisoner Ryan Samsel When The Prison Was Starving Him - So The Prison Guards Knocked Out His Tooth And brutally Beat Him, Leaving His Flesh Exposed - Here Is His Harrowing Story - AUDIO - 6/7/2023

Disturbing Photos Show The brutal Mistreatment Of J6 Prisoner - 8/17/2023