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January 6, 2021 Protest: Select Committee: Illegitimacy Of Committee

Nancy Pelosi Names Trump Critic Liz Cheney To Select Committee Investigating January 6 - 7/1/2021

Pelosi Rejects Trump Allies From Jan. 6 Panel, Casting Doubt On Its Impartiality - 7/21/2021

JUST IN: Pelosi Rejects McCarthy's GOP Picks Jim Jordan, Jim Banks For January 6 Committee - 7/21/2021

In 'Unprecedented' Move, Pelosi Rejects Two Of McCarthy's Picks For January 6th Investigation - 7/21/2021

McCarthy Says Pelosi 'Has Broken This Institution' By Denying GOP Picks For Jan. 6 Select Committee - 7/21/2021

McCarthy Pulls All Republicans From January 6 Select Committee After Pelosi Rejects Two Picks - 7/21/2021

Rep. Jim Banks Unloads On Pelosi, Vows To Get Jan. 6 Answers via GOP Panel - 7/21/2021

Pelosi Appoints Kinzinger To Select Committee Investigate January 6 Riot - 7/25/2021

Hard Questions Raised On Jan. 6 Panel's Legality In Meadows Contempt Vote - 12/16/2021

Pelosi And Her Entire Jan. 6 Committee Were Just Hit With A Constitutional Overreach Lawsuit - 3/12/2022

The Hitchhiker's Guide To Whether The Jan 6 Committee Is 'Legitimate' - 6/2/2022

GOP To Go On Offensive, Portray Jan. 6 Probe As 'Unconstitutional And Illegitimate' - 6/5/2022

Jan. 6 Panel's Ron Johnson Narrative Exposes Ills Of One-Sided Hearing - 6/23/2022

Brit Hume Delivers Scorching Rebuke Of Jan. 6 Committee, Says He's Never Seen Anything Like This In His 50 Years Covering DC - 7/2/2022

Angry J6 Staffers Shine The Spotlight On Cheney After She Used Them To Make A WH Run - 11/28/2022

The Newly Released Jan. 6 Surveillance Video Footage Shreds The Committee's Credibility - 3/7/2023

DAVID MARCUS: The $3M, Two-Year January 6th Committee Was Destroyed By A Single Devastating Cable News Segment - Because The Left Was Never Interested In Truth. They Just Wanted Revenge - 3/7/2023

With An Obscure Committee, Speaker McCarthy Can Restore The House's Institutional Integrity - 6/13/2023