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January 6, 2021 Protest: Select Committee: Questionable, Tyrannical, & Illegal Panel Acts

'Surveillance State': Kevin McCarthy Rips January 6 Committee's Request For Private Telecommunications - 8/31/2021

Carlson: Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenaing Phone Records Of Many Americans Accused Of No Crime - 12/8/2021

Liz Cheney Accidentally Undercuts Entire Purpose Of Jan. 6 Committee By Releasing Mark Meadows' Texts - 12/14/2021

Rubio Sounds The Alarm On Jan 6 Committee: Progressive Attack Dogs On The Ropes - 1/26/2022

Jan6 Committee's True Goal Is Revealed: Liz Cheney Made A Deal With The Devil - 6/6/2022

Evidence Shows Jan. 6 Committee 'Violated House Rules' On Finance, Says GOP Rep. Rodney Davis - 6/9/2022

WATCH: Rep. Scalise Alleges The January 6 Committee 'Broke The Law' By Hiring A Publicity Expert To Sway Public Opinion - 6/10/2022

Battie On The War Room: January 6th Committee A Pretext To Justify Laeling Trump Supporters As Domestic Terrorists - 7/3/2022

EXCLUSIVE: Key Figure In Jan. 6 Events Backs Claims That Cheney, January 6 Committee Lied - 7/7/2022

Dem's 'Jan 6 Insurrection' Claims Blown Apart By Harvard Study - Obliterates Jan 6 Committee's Credibility - 7/31/2022

J6 Committee Cooking Up 'October Surprise' To Meddle In Midterms - 9/18/2022

Jan. 6 Committee Issues Criminal Referral Of Trump To The Justice Department - 12/19/2022

Top Lawyer Alan Dershowitz Calls The January 6 Committee's Trump-Referral "A Worthless Piece Of Paper" - 12/22/2022

Jan. 6 Committee Formally Withdraws Trump Subpoena - 12/28/2022

LOCK THEM UP: January 6 Committee Traitors "Inadvertently" Expose 2000 SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS Of Republicans And Their Family Members -1/6/2023

Social Security Numbers Of Nearly 2,000 Trump White House Visitors - Including Governors And Former Cabinet Members - Leaked By January 6 Committee: Report - 1/7/2023

Gov Noem FURIOUS After J6 Committee Published Her Family's Private ID Deets - 1/9/2023

House Republicans Probe Collusion Between J6 Committee And Georgia Trump Prosecutor - 12/6/2023

Former Jan. 6 Committee Chair Confirms Probe Records Sent To Prosecutors Investigating Trump - 12/18/2023