May 2, 2014

Dear Liberty,

     A few days ago a well-known and likable actress, Swoosie Kurtz, confessed that she had an abortion when she was young.  She said it was an anguishing time in her life.  As I listened to her confession I expected her to reveal her regret for that difficult decision.  Instead she lamented how tough it was finding a doctor to perform an abortion.  She added that she hopes we do not revert to a time when only the rich will be able to afford safe abortions. Swoosie took a debate over if it is right to slaughter a child, and made it into a debate over how convenient we should make it.

     I reflected over these comments and was reminded of the gravity of man's fall into sin.  In Genesis, God tells Adam and Eve to refrain from the fruit of the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil" and says they would surely die if they ate of it.  Before the fall, Adam and Eve respected God's laws and obeyed them without question.  As a result God blessed the couple with heaven on earth, a utopia, called the Garden of Eden.  Satan, using the same trick he still uses today, asked Eve, “Did God really say that?”  He convinced Eve that eating from the tree would make her as wise as God, allowing her to decide what was right and wrong.  The result was not that humans became wise, it’s that they began to determine for themselves what was good and evil.  

     God’s law is constant and it is established for our good.  However, society has taken all of God’s commandments and flipped them upside down.  As an example, if you kill an attacker you can be prosecuted for defending your life, but we are required to provide taxpayer funded abortions. Coveting and stealing are not wrong, they are merely ways of trying to make society equal.  Baring false witness and lying are perfectly fine if you do it for the common good. Fornication and adultery are not wrong, merely human weaknesses.  So where are we now?  Your great-grandmother use to leave her door unlocked at night.  Now I carry a gun for your safety.  Has society improved?  

     I think it’s time to turn back to God.  

     When society starts telling you what is good and evil, it can redefine what is good and evil. Those with power and influence can start controlling what you do, what you say, and what you think by punishing you for your “evil” actions.  German society slaughtered 6 million Jews because Hitler labeled them as evil.  Stalin massacred 11 million Ukrainians because they refused to conform to collectivism which made them evil.  Mao Zedong killed over 45 million of his political enemies, disobedient citizens, and workers too old to produce because such actions were evil. Your liberties can be taken away in a blink of an eye by someone who believes they are wiser than you and has placed themselves in a position to determine what is good and evil.  As I stated in "Soylent Green Is Made Out Of People!", Liberty, it’s not that there is no God, it’s because we have made ourselves gods.

     Liberty, God is not a ruler, He is your Heavenly Father.  You are His precious child.  Think of how your Earthly father loves and adores you even when you do wrong.  Because of that love he has rules, guidelines, and yes, sometimes discipline.  How much more do you think your Heavenly Father loves and adores you?  He gives us rules, not to limit our happiness, but to give us happiness.

     That’s my 2 cents.