November 20, 2015

Dear Liberty,

     In the 1960s, college students and activists were convinced they were the most enlightened generation ever.  Many proudly chanted, "Make Love not War," protesting the Vietnam War.  They shouted "baby killer" at returning Veterans while also insisting abortion is a women's reproductive right.  They burned their bras, celebrated "free love," and promoted peace, love, and kindness.  

     At the same time, Weather Underground terrorist, Bill Ayers, preached change through discourse, anger, and intimidation.  Along with the Black Panthers, he rejoiced in terrorizing to force oppression.  Bombing the U.S. Capital, the Pentagon and police departments, Ayres escaped prison on a technicality.  Undercover cop, Larry Grathwohl, exposed Ayers’ utopian Weather Underground plans in a 1982 documentary.  At the time, Ayers believed they would overtake the government.  After which patriotic Americans would have to go to re-education camps where any capitalist refusing to change would be eliminated.  Ayers had told the group 25 million Americans would be a good start.

     After their violent, terroristic ways failed, Ayres and his radical comrades reorganized their strategy.  Realizing their reeducation camps already existed they started to infest, overtake, control, and implement their propaganda machine peacefully.  Universities opened their arms to Ayres and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, despite their domestic terrorism past, which is where Ayers eventually met Barack Obama.  

     Colleges and Universities transformed from institutions of higher education to institutions of reeducation.  (see "Higher" Education)  Values and principles parents taught and instilled in their children are quickly replaced with extreme left-wing ideology.  Students are no longer taught how to think, but what to think.  Having been brainwashed to believe that certain ideas must be accepted, anyone not conforming is actually seen as a threat.  Their response to those threats is to bully their opponent into submission using “political correctness”.  Under this radical indoctrination, they are convinced systematically eradicating free speech actually achieves more freedom.

     A few months ago, University of Missouri (Mizzou) student Payton Head claimed a truckload of whites drove past him somewhere off campus and shouted the “N” word.  Stories of a swastika drawn in feces on a dorm wall began circulating around campus.  Jonathan Butler, a Missouri grad student, began a hunger strike until the University’s President, Tim Wolfe, resigned for not providing a “safe learning environment.”  

     The  movement remained somewhat stagnant until thirty football players were convinced not to play until demands were met, even though no proof or validity of the instances were given.   Knowing it would cost the college a million dollars for each forfeited game, University leadership surrendered within hours, forcing the president to resign.  Their victory ignited similar protests at colleges all across the country.

     The next day Head terrified students, warning them to stay away from open spaces and windows, claiming the KKK was on campus.  Students insisted classes be cancelled on Wednesday as they feared for their safety.  Within a day Head admitted he lied about the warning but the damage was already done.

     It would be one thing if Payton Head was just an ordinary student making such claims, but Head is the student body President, black, openly gay, upper middle class, and recently voted Homecoming King.  If this horrible racism really existed at Mizzou, why did Head have to fabricate examples of it?  Head is also active in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and met with President Obama at the White House with other activists.  (see The Birth Of A Nation 2016)

     As a former intern for Rahm Emmanuel in his hometown of Chicago, Head’s tactics are taken straight from Saul Alinsky‘s Rules for Radicals disciples, Emmanuel, Obama and Ayres.  He knows his racism accusations are completely bogus but to forward his narrative he was forced to lie.  But he wasn’t the only one.  The real reason Jonathan Butler, whose top railroad executive father earned $8.4 million last year, protested was because he is about to lose his free school health care due to Obamacare.  Butler helped remove the school president because he is going to suffer from the policies pushed through by the same radicals this whole movement aligns themselves with.

     Continuing the “political correctness” agenda, student body Vice-President admitted she is just “tired of hearing that first amendment rights protect students when they are creating a hostile and unsafe learning environment.”  Her president outright lied about the KKK targeting students.  It is now suspected he lied about being called the “N” word.  Motivations behind the swastika have become suspect, including whether it actually happened.  Students are being manipulated and threatened with lies intended to force them into demanding action.  Who here is “creating a hostile and unsafe learning environment?”   Even with the resignation of Tim Wolfe, protesters continue to march demanding justice for Michael Brown (see Just The Facts, Ma'am) and Trayvon Martin.  (see A Change Of Heart)   What do those incidents have to do with the students in Missouri?

     On the heels of the KKK lie, protesters swarmed the Dartmouth College library chanting "Black Lives Matter".  Innocent students studying and working in the library were commanded to stand.  Anyone not complying were ripped out of their chair.  Some were thrown against the wall, and white supporters and non-supporters alike were yelled at in their face and called racial slurs.  

     At a meeting days later, the protesters argued they didn’t feel safe because of the negative media coverage.  The vice-provost Ingle-Lise Ameer apologized to the protesters because “There’s a whole conservative world out there that’s not being very nice.”  Does she realize the conservative media she was criticizing was their own independent Dartmouth Review who broke the story?  She demonized other Dartmouth students while kowtowing to BLM bullies.

     For other activists, the "free love" movement has evolved into the “free everything” campaign with demands for free college tuition, current student loans forgiven, and $15 an hour campus jobs.  Million Student March Organizer Keely Mullen, when asked how their free college requirement would be paid for, responded, "The 1%," insisting taxing them 90% was right and fair.  Following being told taxing them 100% still wouldn't be enough to pay for her demands, she stated, "If we’re to the point where the rich is paying 100% on their taxes then we’re on the road to socialism.”  When retold it’s not enough, she just said, “Yeah, I don’t believe that.”  The facts mean nothing to her.  

     Mullen claimed to be from an “incredibly working class family” that is “already on numerous forms of government assistance and is basically scraping by in order to get (her) through college.”   Except her father sent her to an expensive high school and has a $1 million home.  Keely also failed to mention she organized the march through the “Socialist Alternative,” a Marxist group.  Keely, like Head, is a complete liar.  Their agenda is their lifeblood and they are ruthless on how they achieve it.

     Riding high on what they considered to be a productive week, the terroristic BLM movement showed their true colors when a handful of cowardly, demented ISIS terrorists attacked several venues in Paris on November 13th.  (see Wolves In Sheep's Clothing)  Over 120 people were killed with hundreds more wounded.  As attention and headlines dropped the manufactured crisis in Missouri, the activists’ hatred was exposed tenfold.  Their concocted claims of victimization were smashed by real victims and they were furious.  Phrases such as “F___ Paris” were tweeted repeatedly before overwhelming pressure from responders forced many of these tweets to be removed.  Some equated the KKK threat as equal or greater to the Paris attack even though it had already been proven a hoax.  (For more examples click HERE)  They believe their highly questionable, if not outright made-up, accusations of racism and victimization are more important, more fearful and more deadly than the terrorists that slaughtered and wounded hundreds of innocent lives, regardless of race, creed, color, or religion.  

     What many have yet to realize is the BLM movement is just as willing to use violence to force the changes they desire as ISIS is.  Last month BLM leader Blake Simons warned if the Constitution was not destroyed and replaced with one that serves all people, America “will get the bullet."  Conform or be eliminated, just like Ayres said.  This is no different from ISIS entering Christian homes and giving the ultimatum of converting or die.  ISIS is beheading Christians; BLM is targeting and executing police, much like Ayres, and white people.  

     I'm not denying that racism exists, but these spoiled, often middle-class or rich activists, have no concept what true, honest racism really is.  To them, someone who says "No, I don't believe that' is equivalent to Democrat Gov. George Wallace blocking black students from entering the University of Alabama vowing “Segregation forever.”  (see Separate But Equal?)

     These millennials equate a derogatory name with not being able to sit at a lunch counter.  Their movement relies on people seeing themselves as victims who cower in the corner because someone called them a name.  They have been conditioned to embrace minority groups such as homosexuals, transgenders, illegals, and even terrorists, as they can all claim victimhood.  Yet it is their duty to demonize Christians and conservatives, as they have been labeled the enemy.  

     While hippies discarded bras, today’s male activists are strapping them on and demanding access to women’s bathrooms.  The Civil Rights Movement would have died if these activists were leading it.  They don't want the proven change brought about as Martin Luther King Jr. did, with love and peace.  They want the violent, forced tactics Malcolm X tried and failed.  (see Free At Last?)

     These students claim they want college to be a “safe” place to learn from each other, but what they see as safe is to not feel offended, nervous, uncomfortable, or threatened by opposing beliefs.  (see Safe Spaces)They resolve the only solution is to not allow those opinions they can’t accept.  Why?  Because that’s what they are TOLD to think.

     They want everything to be free, except speech.  

     Liberty, no one can offend you unless you let them. What do you really learn from someone who totally agrees with you?  How are your principles ever challenged and strengthened if someone doesn't make you defend them?   How do you truly know what you believe deep down if you aren’t ever allowed the opportunity to honestly fight for it?  How strong are you really if you feel that uncomfortable by someone else’s opinion?  Challenge yourself and learn HOW to think.  Question everything and verify for yourself.  Don’t ever give someone power over you by controlling your mind.  It’s your life.  Own it!

     That’s my 2 cents.