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Georgia Won't Update Dominion Voting Machines Before 2024, Despite Cybersecurity Expert Warnings - 6/21/2023

Media Gin Up Lies About Election Worker Safety To Escape Ballot-Box Accountability - 8/8/2023

Wisconsin Republicans Vote To Oust Top Election Official Following Messy And Chaotic 2020 Election - 9/18/2023

Pennsylvania's Switch To Automatic Voter Registration Is 'Inconsistent' With State Law, Election Experts Say - 9/20/2023

New York Changes State Election Laws, Including Vote-By-Mail Measure Voters Rejected Two Years Ago - 9/21/2023

IN-DEPTH: Republicans Embrace Ballot Harvesting For 2024, Some Foresee Legal Battles - 9/21/2023

Cornel West Drops Green Party Candidacy, Will Run As An Independent - 10/5/2023

Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig Talks To Blaze News About His Run For US Senate As A 'Pro-America' Republican: 'What have [Democrats] Really Done?' - 10/10/2023

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: FL GOP Chair And Vice Chair Are Married To Women With Financial Ties To Ron DeSantis And His Presidential Campaing - 10/11/2023

Young Black Voter Leaves CNN Host Slack-Jawed Over What He Says About Biden's 2024 Campaign: 'My Jaw Literally Dropped' - 11/3/2023

Corrupt Arizona AG Kris Mayes Threatens Counties Who Want A Hand Count Of Ballots Instead Of Using Rigged Dominion Machines - 11/23/2023

Over 20 Million Immigrants Are Set To Vote In 2024 - 11/26/2023

Fox News Reporter Brings Out The Big Guns To Expose WH's Double Standard After Florida Democrats Cancel Presidential Primary - 12/5/2023

Boston, The City Of Race-Segregated Democrat Parties, Is On Track To Allow Non-Citizens To Vote - 12/19/2023

California Lt. Gov. Makes Hilarious Mistake In Letter Demanding Trump Be Kept Off 2024 Ballot: 'Explore Every Legal Option' - 12/20/2023

'You Must Be 40' To Be President, Whiffs California Lt. Gov. While Masquerading As Constitutional Expert - 12/21/2023

UFC Star Worries 2024 Election Won't Happen: 'Which String Are They Going To Pull Next?' - 12/29/2023

CNN Analyst Says Dems Have To 'Hype Up' Fear Because They Know Voters Vote With Pocket Book - 1/2/2024

This Arizona City Just Appointed A Democrat Ballot Harvester As Its Vice Mayor - 1/3/2024

Leftist Judge Strikes Blow To Election Integrity In Wisconsin With Ballot 'Curing' Decision - 1/4/2024

After Abortion Amendment Plot, Democrats Are Coming For Ohio's Elections Next - 1/24/2024

Oregon GOP State Senators Who Staged Walkout Over Abortioin Can't Run For Reelection, High Court Says - 2/1/2024

Arizona Election Law May Enable Non-Citiens To Vote In 2024 Presidential Election, Experts  War - 2/2/2024

Federal Judge Rejects Challenge To Mail-In Ballots In North Dakota - 2/3/2024

Lawsuit: Both The 'How' And The 'What' Of Democrat Election Chief's Rulebook Violate Arizona Law - 2/12/2024

Nevada's Democrat Secretary Of State Pulls A Fast One, Claims 'Glitch' That Caused Unmailed Nevada Ballots To Show Up As Counted In Recent Primary Will Be Fixed In 48 Hours - 2/20/2024

Nevada Voters Surprised To Find Mail Ballots Counted In Primary Despite Not Voting - 2/20/2024

Senior House Dems Signal They May Not Certify 2024 Election Results If Trump Wins: REPORT - 2/23/2024

How Democrats Could Plan Their Own January 6 "Insurrection" If Trump Wins - 2/26/2024

Democrats Hatch Plan To Block Trump Victory If He Wins 2024 - And It Reeks Of Hypocrisy: 'Something We Need To Prepare For' - 2/26/2024

DOJ Is Using Bidenbucks To Encourage illegals And Felons to Vote, Says Mississippi Secretary Of State - 3/13/2024

Michigan Has More Registered Voters Than Eligible Citizens In 53 Counties, Says RNC Lawsuit - 3/13/2024

Trump Leads Biden In All Seven Battleground States: Polls - 3/21/2024

New York City Council Begs Court To Authorize Voting Rights For 800,000 Foreign Nationals - 3/26/2024

Republicans Score Win In Court Battle Over Pennsylvania Ballot Requirements - 3/29/2024

Democrats Push Bill To Prevent Trump Receiving Pre-Election Secuity Briefings - 3/30/2024

Trump Leads Biden In 6 Swing States: Poll - 4/3/2024

Four Years Later, Conservative Voters Haven't Forgotten How Covid Tyrants Acted In Crisis - 4/3/2024

Democrats Commit Vastly More Dark Money Than Republicans For 2024 - 4/8/2024

Dem Voter Registration Dips In crucial Swing States Ahead Of 2024 - 4/9/2024

8 GOP States (And Counting) Ban Biden's DOJ From 'Intimidating' Voters At 2024 Polls - 4/23/2024