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California Democrats To Spend $1.3 Billion To Give Illegals Free Health Care With Medicaid -7/7/2021

Illegal Immigrants Are Now Able to Hold Government Jobs In Los Angeles - 8/2/2022

Soros-Backed DA Seeks To Protect Illegal Immigrant Crime Suspects From Deportation - 12/7/2022

LA DA Gascon Orders Prosecutors To Give Illegal Immigrants Special Treatment - 12/7/2022

'Immoral': California Officials Upset After 16 Migrants Flown On Private Jet, Dropped Off At Sacramento Diocese - 6/4/2023

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Ships Illegal Aliens To Los Angeles And Promises More Until Biden Secures The Border - 6/14/2023

White Buses With No Logos Or Insignia Release Hundreds Of Illegal Aliens To City Street In San Diego (VIDEO) - 9/15/2023

VIDEO: Border Patrol Releases Hundreds Of Illegal Migrants Onto San Diego Streets: 'You're Free' - 9/15/2023

Mayor Of 'Sanctuary City' Of Los Angeles Says She Is Fearful Of Planes Full Of Illegals Arriving (VIDEO) - 9/16/2023

Video: Illegal Immigrants Land On Malibu Beach Near Lavish Homes Of Liberal Celebrities Like Barbara Streisand And Cher - 12/3/2023

WATCH: Border Patrol Buses Mass Release Military-Age Illegal Aliens To San Diego's Streets - Newsom Blames Republicans! - 2/23/2024

Hundreds Of Migrants Released At Bus Station After Aid Money Runs Out - 2/24/2024

Los Angeles Hires And Arms Foreign Criminals To Police U.S. Citizens - 2/29/2024

California Moves To Expand Zero-Down, Interest Free Home Loan Program To Illegal Immigrants - 3/5/2024